Who is Shirley?

You might hear me refer to 'Shirley' often in my posts... and I talk about her like you should know who she is, right?

Shirley is my *amazing* mother in law. I am closer to her than I am to my own mother. Lucky, right? AND... she loves to craft too! We've always enjoyed the hobby together, and it was her that got me started on paper crafts. Someone she worked with was a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator, and sent home a catalogue one day. And it went from there...

We share all our supplies, and I do all of my crafting at her house - she has more space than I do, and she lives very close, so it works for me. No, she doesn't have a blog, and she doesn't actually spend much time online, but she knows all about my blog, and is my biggest cheerleader.

So now if you hear me refer to Shirley, you know who I mean!

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Mad for Paper said...

I love your blog. You are very talented and I especially like that you have an eclectic style. Not always the same look.
And, aren't you and Shirley lucky to have each other.

Anagha Sreeram K.L said...

Your page or blog whatever is very beautiful,creative and inspiring.I am only 11 years old in India.I usually love craft but since in 2012 a whole brown paint also FABRIC PAINT in my light grey uniform I began to hate to even see paint.So,you can imagine then I never even thought about glue,papers,paint,cloth,etc. But in my school named 'Chinmaya Vidyalaya' there is a period called CCA- Co Curricular Activities in which we students have to create according to the topic they tell-(sometimes poetry,story writing,music,dance or if they do not give any topics then we have go to our respective clubs-eco,geography,heritage,literary etc.).So the next week I have to create something from waste products which is nor a decor item neither a pen stand,so I searched Google+ & Google for inspirations & ideas.That is when I found your sight called DELIGHTFUL WASTE OF TIME, Meredith.I hope you succeed in selling your stamps and products.I HAVE BEEN REALLY INSPIRED A LOT BY YOU.

Thank you once again Meredith & Shirley!


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