Friday, April 29, 2016

Happy Birthday...

The girls are at school, the baby is hanging out with Grandma, and I'm taking a break from cleaning toilets to eat some leftover pasta. Glamour, all glamour around here! But I thought it was a good opportunity to visit my neglected blog!

I have found a couple of pictures of projects that I don't think I've shared here before... but I'm also completely out of touch with reality, so there's a very good chance I have absolutely posted this card before and I can't remember. But I couldn't find it when I dug around, so here's hoping the crazy isn't taking over.

Three kids will do it to you, I'm tellin' ya. My husband even looked at me a couple of weeks ago and said, "This third kid has really taken it out of you." He never notices *anything* so that's an indication of how I must look.


We are getting ready to get back into birthday parties around here already. I am completely in denial that my youngest girl is going to be *six* and that the baby is closing right in on his first birthday. Don't even talk to me about the oldest one finishing grade two already. Who let this happen?

So this card I am sharing is actually from last year's birthday party. The oldest had her birthday only 5 days after her baby brother was born via c-section, and since we knew that's about how it was going to play out, we picked a super easy theme for our party. One I could prepare for very easily with little effort, and one we knew we could count on Dad and Grandma to be willing to do all the food prep.

This girl loves all things Day of the Dead, and I firmly believe I was a Mexican in a past life, so we combined our two loves, and threw a fiesta for her seventh birthday.

I used a set from Avery Elle (which I can't find a link for, so will assume it's retired), which was *so* perfect!

I also snuck that skull of there from a Halloween set that I have from Waltzingmouse (also no longer available), because this girl loves sugar skulls, so it sort of seemed fitting.

The sentiment is from Papertrey Ink and *not* retired, so there's that! Maybe being so out of the loop for this long means I'm using all 'collectible' stamps (sounds better than no longer available)!

Well, those toilets apparently aren't going to clean themselves. And if I wait until the children are home, well... there's no point then, is there?

Thanks for popping by! I hope to share another few things before too long... but I will leave you with this beauty, who is almost nine months old already...

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Lisaerica said...

Very pretty! I'm glad you got a little crafty time in and a break from the toilets, lol. I've only one but I find when your a stay a home mom you kind've loose yourself, at least that's how I feel anyway. Hope you get more time to craft, take a bubble bath, go to lunch with some girlfriends, read a book or do something you enjoy to do, to refill you! Thanks for sharing.


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