Tuesday, June 16, 2015

For a Special Teacher...

Holy cow, has it been long enough since I posted?!

We've been quite busy around here... we recently got back from a trip overseas to visit my brother in Scotland. We were there to celebrate his wedding to my wonderful sister in law (whom I just adore)! A lot of our time there was spent with them, doing things to help with their wedding and all the other little things that come along with preparing for that. I took my camera, but ended up not taking a single photo because my oldest had her little camera and was going nuts with that - so I let her document our trip. The wedding photographers were everywhere all at once, so I just enjoyed myself, and knew I'd get all kinds of wonderful photos from them, when it's time!

I did post a few pictures on Instagram, and here is one of my little (way bigger than me) brother, and his two *gorgeous* flower girls - I may be biased!

I love Scotland (my family is from there, my husband's heritage is the same; my surname might have been a clue for you!), and I feel such a connection to it every time I visit. I grew up hearing stories of my mum's childhood there, and a lot of what makes me who I am seems to come from my heritage. Part of this trip was spreading the last of my mum's ashes (she passed away just over two years ago), so we visited a beautiful little village just outside of Edinburgh called Roslin, where she used to play as a young girl. It's so lovely there, and it totally suits her... the first time I actually finally saw this place I grew up hearing so much about!

Again, just a quick phone shot of where we were;

Saying all of that, I am so glad to be home again; Scotland is way too chilly and far too windy for my liking!

Back home, the school year is winding down, so I've been making a few teacher cards. I'll share them over the next little while; spread the love over this sadly neglected blog!

I created this one using some way too under-utilized stamps!

Because I'm so out of the routine of being in the craft room, I'm really lacking in creative juices! I scoured my inspiration board on Pinterest and decided to try a colour scheme that's a little out of my box - and I love it! What on earth did we do before Pinterest?!

Alright, that's what I have for you today... thanks for humouring me and stopping in. I keep intending to be here more, but we are getting closer and closer to baby, which means more projects around the house (and we still have finishing to do on the kitchen!), so we've been keeping ourselves busy. As usual, I'll promise to share photos when it's finished - I'm just learning not to say 'soon', since that never seems to work out! *wink*

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Geri said...

Oh, Meredith...that sounds (and LOOKS) like a wonderful trip! And...those can't be your girls...no, no, NO!!! They look too old! But they do look sweet! LOVE the card...such a pretty, natural look!


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