Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Some Bunny Loves You...

Happy Wednesday Friends!

Easter for us is fairly low key - we really just like to take advantage of the four day weekend and relax spending time together. This year, I have asked my hubby to please focus on the kitchen details that have been left since the fall, so we can finally finish it up. We still have no cabinet doors on the cupboards! We kind of crashed in November, and once I was pregnant and dealing with the first trimester, nothing got done.

But, work aside, I do like to give my girls a little treat... any excuse to spoil them a little and I'm right on it!

For all the troubles I've been having when I sit down to craft, and struggle with inspiration, this design came pretty quickly. I found a picture of flowers on Pinterest that I really liked, colour wise, and drew my inks from there.

This little bunny set had not even seen ink yet! I just created two of the exact same design, keeping it easy for myself.

It's very faint, but under that "Bunny", it does say 'loves you'! I used nice pale inks, complimenting my spring theme.

I love these Mini Blooms and Bigger Blooms sets - they just make things so easy!

I know there was a little stamp and die for that tail, but I couldn't resist a pom pom tail!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend... enjoy your family time and big dinner!

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Toni said...

I like this so very much! Have you thought about entering it in just us girls this week?

Geri said...

Oh...that's a sweet one, Meredith!!!


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