Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Cheery Hello...

Hey there! It's been awhile again, hasn't it? We've been trying to keep plugging away at the finishing touches in the kitchen... rumour has it we have a nursery to put together too, one of these days!

I have a quick card to share that I made awhile ago, trying to practice my watercolour techniques.

I used another Flourishes image here (no longer available) and did a white embossed outline that I just filled in. I don't think this is my best technique, but it's better than when I try to just paint my own image in watercolour!

But, I am *so* in love with the spring weather and colours we've been enjoying, so I like this card fo that reason - I feel a real spring vibe from it!

Thanks so much for popping in... I know I'm too sparse with posts, but I promise I'll try to do better!

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Wida said...

Love the card. Nursery?

~amy~ said...

Love your springy card...pretty water coloring!!

Geri said...

Oh my…how did I miss this??? It's lovely!!! So had you gotten rid of all that 'nursery' stuff with the move??? Just wondering?;)


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