Friday, March 6, 2015

Festive Friday - Merry & Bright...

Happy Friday! We are just about to start our two weeks off for Spring Break, and I'm actually really looking forward to having my Big Girl home with us. I secretly love the breaks from school when we can be lazy and hang out together. We've been having such beautiful spring weather here, which I'm sorry to say to those suffering through endless snow and cold weather!

I have been puttering here and there in the craft room, trying to keep up with all the inspiration pictures I keep adding to my Pin Boards. I'm so behind on all the new trends and popular techniques!

So I've been in love with the watercolour trend that's taking over, and I wanted to try it out with the white embossing. I raided my Flourishes stamps, since they seemed perfect for this technique!

One thing I'm struggling with is keeping my watercolour paper nice and flat. I taped all the edges down, and it still wants to ripple!

I have always wished I could paint with watercolours, but I'm too 'literal' as my artist aunt once told me... I struggle with just letting the paint flow. So I like that the stamps offer the realistic element I crave, but enable me to just wash the colour over everything. What I'm saying is, I feel like I faked this really well!

That's it for me today - I've just edited a batch of photos, so I hope to have a few things to post over the coming days (weeks?)!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Christi said...

I'm too literal when watercoloring too. But I think your flowers look abstract and lovely.

A trick I learned is to lightly mist the back of the watercolor paper (after the paint is dry) and put it under a stack of books to flatten back out.

KayM said...

Ooooooh Meredith this is SO lovely!! What beautiful colors and stunning water-cooling! So happy to see you making a Christmas card!

Geri said...

This is just gorgeous, Meredith! Dreamy...just as Christmas should be!!!


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