Saturday, May 3, 2014

Scrapbook Sunday - Alice...

Hands up, how many people read that post title and thought "Oh, that's still a thing?"

So two things.. I made this layout *forever* ago, but never managed to post it, and also, I've got lots of scrapbook layouts waiting to be blogged - some even waiting to be photographed! Therefore, yes, Scrapbook Sunday posts will still pop up here and there!

Do you remember *waaay* back when I was sharing layouts I made of photos my brother took a couple of years ago? This is another one. I thought the timing was appropriate, because he's going to be here in a couple of days for another visit, which means I am sure I'll see some new photos to scrap!

Anyway... so this is my beautiful Emma, 2 years ago. Time passes far too quickly for my liking...

Goodness, she's changed. I mean, she's exactly the same, but not so squishy looking. She'll be six this summer, and it's showing!

This layout is all about her love of dress up. I am so pleased that this hobby is still going strong. My girls spend most of their days playing make believe and dressing up as various favourite princesses - except for this particular outfit, which is Alice in Wonderland.

You can see how hard it is for her to get comfortable in front of the camera... *wink*

There's a hidden journaling card tucked into a glassine bag on the right there... kind of my favourite way to do it. I like to include the stories, but sometimes writing directly onto the layout can feel busy for me, so I usually tuck it away.

I created this probably nearly a year ago (maybe even more?), and it's interesting to look at it and think about how I would do it differently. Isn't it funny how you create something, feel quite pleased with yourself, and then continue evolving your style?

I hope you're enjoying your weekend! We're in the thick of getting the bathroom ready to paint and building the vanities... there's a beautiful marble floor coming *so* soon, and I can't wait!

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Leigh Penner said...

Oh, this is so pretty!


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