Monday, April 7, 2014

Wish Big...

Happy Monday, my dear readers!

Once upon a time, when I was a daily crafter, I'd hear others talk about having new stamps that had been sitting for weeks, unopened and un-inked. And it made no sense to me... I couldn't figure out why you wouldn't put every chore and errand aside to play with your new things!

Then we moved, my oldest started school, and we started planning renovations.

Oh. Life happens. That's how stamps sit unopened.

So I've had the Scrolling Script stamps for*ever* and had this idea rolling around for weeks before I managed to actually bring it to life.

I wanted to create a colour wash using my markers... which is how I quickly learned the gaps in my Copic shades. Oh well, I made it work, and I think it turned out okay!

I kept the design really simple to allow the sentiment to take center stage. Really, though, I need new gold embossing powder. This just isn't the right colour.

This was also the first time I tried Soft Stone cardstock, and it's *so* beautiful... I see what all the fuss is about!

Alright, a simple one from me today, but I hope you still like it! I hope I manage to craft more regularly... but as we wrap up one bathroom renovation, we're diving head first into the next. We'll see how much time there is for crafting. I said when we moved that I would be willing to live through chaos and hell for 18 months if it meant the work was done in a shorter time frame (bear in mind we're doing all the work ourselves!)... so a lot of other things are taking a back seat. But I miss crafting, and even more, I miss blogging - so I'm going to make a point to carve out more time for it!

Thanks for stopping by, my friends! Have a wonderful start to your week!

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Lynn said...

You'll have to share before and after of the renovation! I love the soft background on your card Meredith. Stunning!

~amy~ said...

This is the colors!

The reno will be all worth it...hang in there!

Veronica Z said...

Your card is so pretty! Your color blocking looks fantastic! I know that all your hard work will be so worth it when your new house is just the way you want it! I can't wait to see the pictures!

Rebecca Luminarias said...

Your water coloring is fantastic and so pretty! I've wanted to try it for awhile now and this might be just the inspiration I need to get going :)

Colleen said...

You have done well with the technique, Meredith! And you are so right about life happening... just go with the flow and things will work out... but family always comes first!

Leigh Penner said...

This is so pretty!

Charlene said...

So SO pretty!!!!!


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