Thursday, April 3, 2014

Festive Friday - A Week Late!

Hello my friends!

Alright, I'm a week overdue with this post, but I'll make up for it by posting a few more projects on this way-too-quiet blog over the next couple of days.

Part of the reason I've been so quiet is that we were away in Disneyland over Spring Break, and when we got back we dove right back into renovations. I'm hoping to share pictures of the finished bathroom after the weekend, so wish me luck we get everything done! *wink*

So while we're a week into our challenge, you still have lots of time to play! You can see all the details over on the Festive Friday blog...

I loved the photo for this week's inspiration; it appealed to my love of all things old and rustic. So I took it fairly literally when I went to make my card.

Here's our photo:

I kind of want to remember this when I set to decorating for the holidays!

Here is how I made this into card form:

It came together quickly, because I knew right away what I wanted to do with it - and I think it turned out okay!

So like I mentioned, we were in Disneyland for part of Spring Break... and you know what's really cool? Rebecca (my wonderful friend, who designs with us at FF) lives something like 20 minutes away from there, so we were able to spend an afternoon getting to know each other beyond email and blogs. *So* much fun, and the best part was that we barely talked about crafty stuff at all! I had told my hubby that I thought we'd be finished around two. Luckily, he wasn't worried sick when I didn't show up until after 3:30! Obviously Rebecca and I got along well, and now I know that whenever we make the trip down there, I'll have to make time to hang out with her! I never cease to be amazed by this beautiful blog world...

Alright, friends... cross your fingers the weekend goes well and I have some renovation photos to share with you next week!

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Lynn said...

Ahh...back to glad you had a great trip and awesome to meet up with Rebecca. I'm in awe of your card. I love the soft snowflakes in the mason jar and the! perfect in every way Meredith.

Julia Aston said...

I just LOVE your little jar with the sweet hanging snowflakes Meredith! good luck with your renovations - its hard to suffer through them but so worth it when it's done!

KayM said...

Meredith this card is STUN....NING!! Wow! So pretty! I love the twine, the crocheted lace and the beautiful snowflakes in the jar! Gorgeous work! So happy to hear you had a good time in DL and meeting Rebecca!

Geri said...

Gorgeous, Meredith…and so very sweet!!!

Rebecca Luminarias said...

I LOVE your card!! So glad we're finally getting to see it :) I think we definitely lost track of time when we met up, but it all worked out in the end and I, for one, had a great time!


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