Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Peace Love Joy...

Happy Hump Day!

Uh, apparently, 3 weeks from today we're opening gifts and eating turkey. How on earth did that happen so quickly?!

It's time for a new 10 Minute Craft Dash over at Pretty Pink Posh, so I am here to share my latest quick creation with you. And you're going to think I am lying to you, I am sure. But I have photo evidence to use in my defense!

This week, the colours are red, green and yellow, so of course I had to go a festive way with it!

I had seen this card on Pinterest, and loved it so much I wanted to make my own version of it. And since I had a lot of elements on my desk already, I thought I could probably make it happen quickly.

Here is proof that a lot of the die cutting, bow tying and element gathering was done simply by poking through the 'extras' basket on my desk:

The banner pieces were left over from a cake topper bunting I made a year and a half ago. The candy cane and mini clothes pins were extras from some kits I put together (keep an eye out for those on the blog in the next few days!), the twine was cut for another project, then scrapped when I picked red instead. The bows - who knows, I always seem to have extra bows on my desk! The lace came from my little glass of extra trimmings, and finally, I just so happened to have a red card base on hand. So here's how the pile started before I hit "go" on my timer!

And here's how it ended:

All I had to die cut was the lace border, the heart border and the house. And if you look - I again left behind the gold twine and went with something different! The sequins, rhinestones and little heart die cut were scattered debris that happened to fit the bill as I was creating! Seriously, sometimes it pays to have a messy desk.

I completed this in 9:55. I promise. But truly - so much of this was laying there already! And fast hands people, fast hands. There's no time to waste with thinking about whether your house was adhered straight (it wasn't - you can see that)!

Head on over to Paulina's blog to find out more about this week's sponsor, and see the other beautiful creations from the team!

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cm said...

This is a beauty, and created in under 10 minutes just adds to the WOW factor! From the colours to the images to the 'little somethings' that were in the right place at the right time, the combination is wonderful!

Leigh Penner said...

I am constant amazed at your speediness, Meredith! Your card is gorgeous!

Geri said...

Oh, Meredith...perfectly and adorably SWEET!!!

Charlene said...


Betty J. said...

This looks so awesome, all the little details on your card :-)


How cute is this!

You asked me about the rechargable candles. LOVE them! I bought them a year ago at Tuesday Morning. They stay lit about 48 hours, then you just pop them back on the charger. I hate anything that requires batteries!

Wida said...

Gorgeous. You are really hitting your stride!


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