Saturday, October 5, 2013

World Card Making Day....

Happy World Card Making Day!

I think it's super cool we get a day that we can call our own holiday. I mean, it's not really a holiday, since I still had to do my usual Saturday morning stuff, but still... it's fun.

I made this card for fun, although I think I'll give it to Emma's teacher at the end of the month, because I think she does such an amazing job, and deserves a thanks.

 I initially bought this die set to create invitations for Emma's princess party (guess I should share photos of that...), so I could create a pumpkin carriage invite. It didn't work.

So I thought I better do *something* with them!

Kind of fun, right? I think I'd like to do one with different orange patterns, too - and do you see the bat and ghost stick pins? I've been hoarding those.

I hope to get some crafting in today - it only seems right. Hope you're getting your ink on!

Have a good weekend!

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Susie Wittwer said...

This is just TOO adorable Meredith! I love those stickpins. I just might have to look for some.

I spend a lot of time at my craft table stuff!

Geri said...

Oh, my gosh, it's the sweetest thing!!! With a touch of elegance! Love it, Meredith!!!

Charlene said...

So so cute! Emma's teacher will LOVE this!! Happy WCMD!!

Ruth S, said...

Fun card Meredith - it's good that you got to put the pumpkin die to good use even if it didn't work out for the princess carriage ;)
Hope you had a happy WCMD, Rx

Kim M said...

I love your pumpkin card! It awesome! Those bat and ghost stick pins are great. No wonder you're hoarding them. :-)

Maureen said...

Happy WCMD!! This is just adorable and if one of my moms gave this to me, it would be up on my wall of fame by my desk for years to come! Is that a bat stick pin? Shut the front door! ox

Leigh Penner said...

Oh, this is so sweet!


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