Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Thank You...


Finally, I feel like I can relax.

We hosted Emma's birthday party this past weekend, and that was the last major to-do on my list, which seemed never ending since about six months ago.

Maybe I'll even craft just for the sake of crafting?

Already it's time for a new 10 Minute Craft Dash... if you played along in our huge Birthday Bash celebration, you need to head over to Pretty Pink Posh and see if you won that incredible prize!

So, for the very first time, Paulina's colours stumped me. I just didn't really seem to have the right shades in my stash! But, I did my best, and am semi-pleased with the results.

Rose, Light Orange and Cornflower Blue. Well, my 'rose' turned more orange, and my orange wasn't so light, but I do think my cornflower worked out.

Something I see that I really love and always forget to try is stamping on top of patterned paper. So I made sure to try that out on this one. I feel like my cream circle doesn't quite go with the shade of my patterned paper, but when you only have 10 minutes, there's no such thing as second guessing!

I made this one in seven minutes, on the nose.

In other fun news, I recently picked up a tripod for my camera - so I really hope to film a video of my process so you can see that I really can do what I do in less than 10 minutes. I know that a lot of the comments made on my card for the last challenge were filled with disbelief, so now I have to put up the goods, right?

Wish me luck...

Now head on over to see what the rest of the design team has come up with, and play along yourself! This week we're sponsored by Gossamer Blue with a *really* cool kit up for grabs!

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Andrea Garland said...

Oh Meredith I'm laughing here in my seat because I didn't have the exact colors in my stash too lol so I did my best too.

I think your card of the 10 Minute Birthday Bash was stunning and I believe that you did it in 10 minutes lol. But I will love to see your videos, what type or tripod you bought and how do you put it on your desk?

Charlene said...

I love the stamping on pp!! I can't believe yu did this in 10!! You are fast!! I on the other hand, am sooooooooooo slow I could never make a card in ten minutes :-) I feel lucky if I make one in 45 minutes lol!!

Geri said...

Not filled with dis-belief...just amazed (but, knowing you and your talent, not surprised!) A video would be fun, though...provides a whole new connection to someone!!! This is another pretty card!!!

Caryn said...

It turned out great Meredith - love the doily.
caryn xxx

Betty J. said...

Beautiful card :-)


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