Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Super Hero Birthday Party...

I love throwing a party. My husband wishes I could be normal and just take the kids to McDonald's or the tot gym like so many normal parents do... but I am not that girl. I love to create all these little details and pull it all together to create something that I hope is kind of magic for the kids...

One of the many things keeping me busy the last few weeks was helping my friend prepare a Super Hero party for her son's fourth birthday. She liked how I had put together some of my kids' parties, so asked if I could help her do that for her little guy. This was *way* out of my comfort zone, since around here we do all things girly. But I liked the challenge!

Isn't that an awful photo... I apologize. Anyway, between us, we had lots of fun elements to pull this party together. Mum picked up all of the licensed goods (and couldn't wrap her head around how I could throw a princess party without inviting Disney... you'll see in the coming weeks!), and I filled in everywhere else.

I would say one of the jumping-off points was the cake. My friend and her mother collaborate to create amazing and beautiful cakes, so a quick Pinterest search found this cake, and they did their best to re-create it.

Might I just add that it was unbearably hot and this cake was *heavy*. It was a losing battle... But didn't they do a phenomenal job?

I created the banner using elements I found at the dollar store and Target, and my printer and craft knife:

One of the things that my friend wanted to do was give all the kiddos their own little super hero get-up. She found these really awesome little masks on clearance, so we laid them out for the kids to pick up when they got to the party.

And I took my friend Amber's idea to create these capes for the kids - she made her own decals, but we found some at the dollar store that the birthday boy would love way too much to pass up!

Our complete Super Hero Birthday Boy:

He was pretty excited.

We also put together a sweets table, which I asked my friend Elena to help me with, since I had nothing Super in my stamp stash...

She sent me these awesome speech bubbles, which she created using this stamp set and matching dies. I kind of love them, even if they aren't princess-y!

All the little guests got to take a bag and fill it with sweets to take home:

Sandra found a recipe for a kid-friendly punch, and I made this fun sign using one of the craft foam speech bubbles I had bought, using my best super-hero printing (my printer wasn't really my friend the day I needed it to be...)

One of the other fun things she made were these awesome layered Jellos... don't they look awesome?

She had this great idea to keep the kids occupied (which Emma has decided we will do at her party...), which was to create a tattoo station, where you went to get your Super Hero tattoo, after which point, the Birthday Boy's big sister would make you an official Super Hero, complete with certificate (which I think Sandra was also inspired to do from Amber!).

Definitely a hit, and as I said, now Emma is planning the same idea for her party this weekend!

On the subject of activities... this will keep your kids busy for all kinds of hours.

I was out with my kids about a month before the party, and happened upon a *load* of perfect things to put together some really awesome goody bags. The bags themselves came with markers to colour them, and they were filled with all kinds of licensed things (pencils, water bottle, notebooks, stickers, etc...) that I found on sale.

So you can't have a party without gifts, and gifts need cards, so here's what I came up with from my have-nothing-boyish-or-remotely-super-heroish stash.

I think it turned out okay, yes?

And here's one happy Birthday Boy!

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Elena said...

so glad I could help out a bit, and you did great! Looks like a fun party :)

Ang said...

Looks loke it turned out "Super". Yiur kids will have such fond memories of thesemparties as they grow older. Keep up the party planning. Yiu are great at it!

Heather Jensen said...

How awesome is that?! You just won the best friend award right there! Great job on decorating for a boy. I agree, it is something magical that the kids will remember forever. You can't beat those kinds of memories later on down the road. :)

Maureen said...

you are a great friend! Such cool and creative details :) The capes and masks were my favourite...oh, and the candy table! LOL

Thanh Vo said...

LOL Us creative types are not the one who have those McDonald's parties...

Every little detail that was put into this party shines through the photos. KA-POW! Well done lol


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