Sunday, July 14, 2013

Strawberry Birthday Party...

Well, this post is long overdue... but finally, I feel like I have time to put it together for you!

About six weeks ago, we celebrated Josie's third (!) birthday. You might remember I shared her birthday portraits here. The party had a Strawberry theme, which has been one of my favourites so far (Emma's tea party has been my all time favourite, to date). It was so much fun to put these elements together, and now I love all things strawberries.

Two gorgeous girls, so excited for the birthday party to begin! Gosh I love those squishy faces.

Here is our food table, which is where I focus most of my efforts:

Okay, here is a tip for all my fellow party mummas... go to the Dollar Tree, and get your balloons there. They only sell mylar (this is all in Canada, so I am not sure how it compares to the States), but they have these hearts and then stars (which you'll see in a few weeks for our next party), which are available in a pretty good selection of colours. Yes, they have licensed - I just don't do things that way. Anyway, these balloons cost me $1.25 each, including being blown up with helium, and tied to the weight (which was also $1.25). These balloons, 6 weeks later, are just *now* starting to fall. Do you know what my party store wanted for this same idea?!

And look! When you add tissue paper leaves to the tops, they become strawberries!

Which means that Valentine's decorations work well for this theme. We decorated Josie's little seat so her guests would know it was special.

And I plopped our gift right on top:

Back to the table... here are some of the things we served:

I am not tired of the mason-jar-with-paper-straw thing yet, so I hope neither are you!

Strawberry mousse in plastic shot glasses from the dollar store. These were the perfect size, even if they were tiny.

Peanut Butter and Strawberry Jam sandwiches! The glassine bags did *not* keep these fresh, so don't go thinking you can do this the night before. It isn't airtight in there! But they sure did look neat, and what a better way to serve sandwiches. I did them the morning of, and they worked well for our early afternoon party!

Strawberry shortcakes - sort of. Mini angel food cakes with some whipped cream and cut up berries. Close enough!

I actually put real strawberry plants on the table to decorate it, and I loved what they added. And, because we've been moving since the very day after this party, those poor things still haven't potted. Terrible.

See the cutlery?

Just little stickers from the dollar store, stamped and wrapped in a napkin. I loved how they turned out!

The food was over-flowing, so we designated a kids' size table right nearby with their treats. Strawberry milk (they are pink, but I didn't over-do the syrup), strawberry apple sauce with some extra stickers on top, fresh berries, and some strawberry fruit leather in the background. And with all the good stuff, we had to give them some chips, so they still felt it was a birthday party!

The thank you's for the adults. These were pretty time consuming, but easy, thanks to this die from My Favourite Things. I stamped them to coordinate with her invites, and filled them with strawberry candies.

And here's what the kids got:

Simple. Filled with little trinkets and toys. Easy peasy!

I showed you their dresses before, but here is a close up of the headbands I made to match. *So* easy, but they looked like something I'd have paid big bucks for in some fancy boutique.

And the Big Sister, posing like she loves to do:

And finally, the cake. I so loved how this cake turned out. I wanted it to be simple, and knew how I was going to ice it, and have the layers. But about 2 days before the party, I realized, while waiting for ballet to start, I didn't have a plan for the topper! So, I called my friend who makes the most gorgeous cakes that her mum decorates, and asked for help. I couldn't have asked for anything better:

The only downside to this cake is the fact that it was quite warm while I was decorating, and for some reason, this cake came out incredibly crumbly. Those two things meant no matter what I tried, I was getting crumbs peeking through my icing. Well, I decided to just accept it and move on. Big step for this OCD girl.

Do you see the gorgeous fondant berries? I was so happy with them!

Josie had such a wonderful time... I just love watching my girls have fun. And, because it was Saturday, they got to go from the party to Grandma's for a sleepover. Josie insisted she bring something with her;

Wearing her new nightgown, which we gifted her, of course.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Lisa said...

Absolutely adorable Meredith!!! What a sweet party for your baby girl!!

Tenia Nelson said...

AWESOME!!!! :)

Nina Yang said...

super duper cute party, Meredith! Love the strawberries too!

Riette said...

Hi Meredith - this looks absolutely gorgeous!!
A note on the crumb cake: If you "crumb coat" it first it might hold the actual icing layer better.
Put a thin coating of icing all over the cake and then pop it into the fridge for 5-10 minutes to "harden" a bit. Then you put the rest of the icing over. I saw this on a cake reality program :D

Geri said...

Oh, Meredith...this all looks so adorably sweet and cheery for a party! And so many great the balloon and tissue/honeycomb hearts turned strawberries!!! Brilliant!!! Also loved the milk, straws, and bottles and bagged up sandwiches...EEK...too cute!!! And the girls faces..adorable!!! Sure wish I could have been at this party!!!

Leigh Penner said...

Wow, what a fabulous theme! You totally rocked this, Meredith! I love all the little details! And those headbands are fantastic!

two 'lil weeds mama said...

may i please ask for the kids favor bag where you found the strawberry stamp and table used on the brown bag. lovely!


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