Saturday, May 11, 2013

Something Fun for Saturday...

Today I have a crafty post (because that's what I do here), but this one comes with a story. Because I am married to a cornball who thinks he is funny, and he thought he'd try to 'help' me with this one.

So, the story. Now, if you've followed my blog for awhile, you've probably heard some of my hubby's antics. He is cheesy, he is a joker, and above all, he's *cheeky*. (And his youngest daughter is his clone. Lucky me.)

We got the assignment for this card, and I was stumped. They were colours that were way out of my comfort zone, and ones I didn't even really have supplies for on hand. So one Saturday afternoon, we dropped the kids off with Grandma, and hubs came with me to the scrapbook store.

Rewind: remember how I've mentioned that my hubby pointed out that my cards tend to follow a bit of a formula?

We got to the store, and as I wandered a bit aimlessly, he was nearby, kind of browsing in the way only boys can; picking this and that up, turning it over, raising an eyebrow in confusion and putting it down again. Pointing out only the most tacky of items, of course.

So I kept saying that this one was really eluding me, and I didn't know what I wanted to do. Cue helpful hubby:

"Well, what if you got like, some purple patterned paper and put that on it. Then you could get some lace or something and then you could put a bow with some like... buttons or something. Then you could put a panel on the front there, and stamp that..."

He gets this twinkle in his eye when he's being an... well.. this is where you should know I say bad words.

And I definitely said a few bad words to him when he was making fun of the fact that he thinks all my cards look the same.

So you know I couldn't make this one look the same.

Take *that* cheeky husband.

You should probably know that I tend to say bad words pretty frequently. I mean, if we're going to be friends and all, it's only fair that you know that.

Oh, and also, I am terrified of frogs. Terrified.

Just thought you should know.

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Heather Jensen said...

That is hilarious! Totally sounds like some smart comment my husband would say to me. FYI, I would say the same thing to him. ;)

I think this turned out beautifully. I like that it has a slight watercolor look.


Maureen said...

LOL You crack me up, Meredith! I could totally see (and heat) you two in the store! LOL Having said that, it was the perfect motivation to create a stunning card :) Happy Saturday! I pulled out some things for my Festive Friday card!

Geri said...

Yep...sounds like he needs a good butt kickin'! Gorgeous card, though! Love the watercoloring!!!

Sarah Martina said...

haha! I can let some choice words slip out between hubby and me, too! Lol... but your card is great! I hope you showed it to him!

Did you see that frog I caught on my car??? Lol, I thought I could handle it but I turned into a squirmy little girl as soon as it took one hop towards me! lol! happy early mother's day!

Anonymous said...

Love your story Meredith - sounds like deserves a bit of cheek back for being cheeky like that ;)
And I think your card is fab-u-lous! Still looks super-gorgeous even though its stretched you a little away from the comfort zone! I don't know how you manage it!


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