Sunday, April 28, 2013

Scrapbook Sunday ~Featuring Evan Wilson Photography~ - two...

Well, it's been awhile since I did one of these posts! Truth is, I have pages piling up, I've just been negligent in my photo editing.

So, since it's been awhile and I have been picking up some new followers lately (*thank you*!!!), I thought maybe I'd refresh you on the idea behind my Scrapbook Sunday posts... last year, I started doing this as a weekly post to keep myself on track with my youngest's album, since she was poorly lacking in pages. Poor thing - second child syndrome! Anyway... I've relaxed on the weekly schedule of posting, but every once in awhile, I still pop up with layouts!

Saying that, today I am starting a little series within my Scrapbook Sunday posts.

I may have mentioned to you previously that my brother is an incredibly talented photographer. If I haven't, please let me introduce you!

Evan is an ex-pat Canadian, transplanted to Scotland... he's had an interest in photography since he was in high school, and bought his first camera shortly after he graduated, and taught himself all the skills he needed to take him where he is today; Evan Wilson Photography. He currently works shooting portraits, family sessions, newborn collections, and most recently he expanded his services to engagement shoots and weddings. He's actually in the middle of building himself a fancy new website to really showcase all of his talent and more portfolios.

Over the next few weeks, I will be featuring layouts I have created using various photos my talented brother took of my kiddos when he was here last year. Usually I am the one behind the camera, but what a treat to watch him work and learn more about his creative process! I am excited to share these layouts with you, because you will also see these beautiful photos that I am so proud of my brother for!

Today is the first in this series, ~Featuring Evan Wilson Photography~!

Last year, my brother visited us a few weeks before Josie's second birthday... if you've followed me for awhile, you might remember that I usually shoot birthday portraits of my kids every year, but being that the timing of Evan's visit seemed so perfect, I asked if he would do some for me.

So, we put her birthday dress on, and went out to the park behind our townhouse... and here is one of many beautiful shots he captured:

The worst part about being tardy in posting these is seeing the drastic change a year brings!

I dug through my October Afternoon goodies - I ordered a couple of Santa Sacks last year - and bringing various lines together to create my page.

I really layered on different elements from the Flower Sacks, Brads, Miscellany... and lots of papers to combine a ton of patterns - which is so fun to do.

I created this flower using all kinds of elements from a few different Flower Sacks, Miscellany packs and a Tin Pin.

Here are some more of the shots from our birthday portrait shoot:

Copyright Evan Wilson Photography

Copyright Evan Wilson Photography

Copyright Evan Wilson Photography

Copyright Evan Wilson Photography
What a difference between two and three... wait until you see her when I do this year's shots!

Thank you so much for taking a minute out to let me share with you... I am really proud of my little brother, and I was really excited to be able to share some of his talents with you, as well as something crafty -it's been a fun collaboration, and I can't wait to share more!

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Evan Wilson said...

Wicked! Thanks for the feature, and awesome work on the layout. Looking forward to seeing what else you can do. Top work as always!


Anonymous said...

Love all those shot Meredith - he's a talented chap, och aye ;)
and your LO is fun.. I love all the patterns, mixy-matchy so perfectly!

Lisa said...

I love her sweet little curls!!! Your brother did a great job Meredith, cute photos!

Melissa said...

Oh, be still my heart Mer...she is such a little beauty. I love her cheeks and those CURLS! Enjoy her. And, your page is so fun and it.

Leigh said...

Fabulous photos and wonderful layout, Meredith!

Hayley Colton said...

Nice! Very cute

Geri said...

Well, you should be proud of him! LOVE these photos! Thoroughly enjoyed this post once before,...didn't realize I hadn't commented...must've run out of time! Love how he's caught her just taking everything natural for that age! And I LOVE the one you used in the layout! Gorgeous! (Really love the dabs of purple in there!) Beautiful, my dear...looking forward to more of the same!

Anonymous said...

I live in Scotland too - about an hour away from where your brother lives! Fab photography - and your work is amazing, as usual! X


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