Sunday, January 6, 2013

Scrapbook Sunday - Christmas Eve Mini Album...

Hey, remember this scrappy post I used to do every week? This is my favourite part of a new year... stepping back, taking a breath, and starting over with the things that got lost as the year got busier. For me, by late summer/early fall, all kinds of things start falling apart as it's our busiest time of the year. We have a lot of birthdays around that time, and from there it moves right into all the holidays that come with fall and winter.

But now we're starting over, and as such, I want to get back to posting scrappy projects regularly! Today I am sharing something from Christmas, so I hope you're not too over the holidays...

Last year, I created a mini album to record all of our Christmas Eve traditions, and I loved how it came together so much I decided I would do it again this year - and probably every year, as my kids grow. I think it will be a great way to track their growth - as much as I hate to see it happen so quickly!

I was one lucky girl and was drawn to win an entire collection of City Sidewalks from Pink Paislee... *beautiful* collection, and it was really fun to just spread it all out in front of me and put it all together to make my mini.

I saw this album on Pinterest, and decided to do something similar for mine... so the coin envelopes (which are large) are all stuck together to create pockets, so there aren't pages so much as inserts.

The collection included some 8x 8 papers, and a collection of tags, so I used those elements to create the inserts:

Because we do pretty much the same things every year, I jotted down a list to determine the order of the album, and created from there. Each different pocket represents one of our traditions, and they pull out like this:

For instance - we always have the same crowd for dinner, and it is always 7 of us. Hence the math. My hubby didn't get that one at all! *wink*  So the front of the insert serves as a title page, and the tag is for journalling about that particular part of our evening.

I just layered on the ephemera and used up my alphas to create all the title pages, and used my journalling tab dies to create the pulls for each insert using scraps of the same papers.

I love that these papers are interesting enough that I didn't have to add a lot in the way of embellishments. This kept the bulk to a minimum. All I did was fold my paper in half to create a double sided insert, and it also added some strength. the back was left plain, which is where I'll add my photos:

I'll have to crop them slightly, but because I made this ahead of time, I knew that when taking my photos on the 24th, so I adjusted my composition accordingly.

Every insert is a variation of the same thing, so you can see below how they all came together:

I still have to get my photos printed so I can put the finishing touches on it, but it will get done, I promise! *wink*

Thanks for hanging out to look at a ton of photos... we're just on our way to the local science center with the kids for their first time, and our first time since we were in school... wish us luck!

Have a wonderful Sunday, my friends!

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Ruth S said...

Love your mini book Meredith - that City Sidewalks line is so pretty and I like the coin envelopes idea ;)
I've been enjoying a bit of scrapping today... I'm looking forward to enjoying more of it this year myself. Hope the science centre was fun, Rx

Geri said...

Ooo...I love the envelope idea and all those pretty ribbons begging to be tugged on! Love the way all your pretty papers and embellishments came together and would love some peeks once the photos are there!!!

butterfly said...

Totally fabulous tag album - what a delight! And I just wanted to say I'm loving your Tag challenge on the BWT hop today too...
Alison x

Becky said...

Wonderful mini book.

Marianne said...

i;m loving tags...and yours are fantastic! Thanks for sharing. i am a new follower

Pauline said...

This is fabulous Meredith, a great way to use up all those itty bitty scraps!

Cherry's Jubilee said... your use of patterns and colors!


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