Saturday, January 12, 2013

Happy Birthday...

It's the weekend! Actually, truth be told... they're a double edged thing for me... I love that my hubby is home, but at the same time, it totally messes with our routine when he is. And I like my routine. I don't really do the whole fly by the seat of your pants thing... But, it does mean I don't have to get up when the kids do, and the kids stay with Grandma for a night every weekend, and that's always a good thing!

I am sharing a set of cards I made for the birthday party we're heading to tomorrow... we're celebrating the first birthday of some adorable little twins!

They're a brother and sister duo, so I made one pink and one blue, but both basically the same layout. I like to make things easy on myself every once in awhile! *wink*

For Sophie:

I have often found felt coasters here and there - mostly the dollar store - and I really like using them in my crafts. These ones are from the dollar store, and each card has a slightly different one backing the focal point.

And for Max:

Because I find kid's cards such a challenge, I am so glad I invested in these number dies... they seem to help my cause a little! *wink*

I"ll be back tomorrow with another Scrapbook Sunday post, so be on the lookout for that. I thought I was doing so well with Josie's first year book (she'll be three in June... oops!), but there are still a few gaps, so I am trying to fill those in. You'll see!

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Elena said...

Love your cards! Perfect for a pair of twins :). Oh, and your kids sleep over at grandma's every weekend? that's amazing! I think I need to swing myself a similar arrangement :)

Deborah Frings said...

These are lovely - I do like the felt doilies! Have a good weekend!

Geri said...

These are so perfect and adorable, Meredith!!! The colors are gorgeous and the coasters pair up with this design perfectly! What a great idea! (And how about that new camera?!?!?;)

Maureen said...

I totally here you on the routine thing. Though I'm not at work on the weekends, I have my little routine to make sure the house gets taken care of. The dh is not a routine person due to his job. These cards are adorable! I love that you used something sweet from a $Store! Is it a chain that we might have here in my town? Dollarama, etc? I noticed that you folks at the coast have a few more different ones. I have a niece and nephew set of twins :) So fun! Enjoy your weekend!


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