Sunday, December 16, 2012

Drawn Together...

Hello my friends!

Well, we're back from our week away, and getting settled into being home again. The day before we came home, we noticed the flags in front of our hotel were at half mast... we wondered what that was about, so my husband did a google search on his iPod to see what we could find out.

Once we got home and could really take in what had happened, my heart hurt. I could not believe what I was reading, and what was playing on the news. It doesn't even seem possible to think something so awful could happen in real life, and yet here it is.

Do you ever hear stories like this and think "I just wish there was something I could *do* about it..."? Me too... so I am really glad to let you know that there is something you can do. Amber, from Damask Love, is working on a *really* cool project, and it's so easy for you to get involved and help out.

In short, Amber is trying to put together some crafty kits to help the kids left behind deal with everything they've gone through. You can read all about it in her post, and find out why she wanted to take this approach. She is asking for donations - either items on her kit list, or money towards them - and has made it super easy to get involved. I made my donation in less than 2 minutes, and so can you!

Click over to Damask Love and learn more... and please, take a couple of minutes to help these poor children who have seen far more than any person should ever witness... I know how lucky I feel to have my babies tucked into their beds each night, close to me, still with me. It makes me feel like I can pay that forward, knowing that my donation might help even one of the children left behind.

Amber has set a goal of assembling and sending her kits out during the first week of the New Year, and I will keep the link in my sidebar until she has reached her goal. I hope you will help spread the word of this worthy cause, so we can exceed Amber's expectations! If there is one thing I know about the crafty community, it's that we all know how to pull together and help those in need. Thank you so much for doing what you can!

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