Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve - The Tree...

Well, it's sort of becoming a tradition around here to share my tree with you all. It might be a bit self-indulgent, maybe even conceited, to think that you care about my tree... but someone actually asked me if this post was up yet, so I know at least one of my readers cares! *wink*

I actually considered taking this all apart and re-doing it once it was up. I am pretty particular about how things go on, and I let the kids help this year (if you know me, you realize what a huge feat that is for me), so the order went all out the window. So it isn't quite the way I like it, but I left it, which I think makes me a better mum, right? (right?!)

So as you might already know, I keep to a red and white theme. This year though, I have started adding some aqua coloured ornaments, because I just can't get enough of those three colours together! Anyway... I usually share a few of the ornaments I love the most each year, so if you're interested, keep scrolling through a ton of photos!

As I collect Chrismassy things (well, all things, really), I look for more and more vintage themed goodies. This one is actually brand new, made to look old. I got a couple of them after the season last year.

This is a recent acquisition from our trip a couple of weeks ago. It was clearly made for me, don't you think? *wink*

Another new-made-to-look-old find from last year. I love these faceted balls, and the vintage charm.

You can tell again where this came from! I have two, and the other has a little Minnie Mouse bow. Adorable, right?

I have also got quite a few birds - this is a new one (seriously, I am running out of branches!), and it has chunky, aged silver glitter. I am hoping it tarnishes as the years go by!

I am normally not a snowman kind of girl, but I bought 2 this year. This is one of them, and I just liked his glittery, vintage little smile.

My oldest picked this one out for me last year... we had gone skating together earlier in the season, and when she saw this, she told her dad it reminded her of that, so she wanted to get it for me. She was 3! Can you believe the heart?

Look, if you go to Disneyland at Christmas time, you *have* to buy ornaments. I have one I didn't even photograph just from this year's trip. I actually have quite a few mouse heads on this tree...

Another gift from Emma... such a clever girl. She knows I love snowflakes, so when she saw this, she picked it up for me - we were with Shirley, so they did it in secret. A couple of minutes later, I asked her to help me pick between this one and another one similar to it, and right away she told me the other one - but never let on that she had bought this one for me!

I love this one... it looks like something from the fifties, don't you think? Since I am not someone who is lucky enough to stumble upon the real thing, I'll take the reproductions!

This is the other snowman... he's my favourite. I also think he looks like something from the fifties... I am loving that vintage is so 'in' right now - it helps me satisfy my vintage-lovin' heart!

We will be hosting family and a close friend for dinner, getting everything ready for Santa tonight. I love Christmas Eve the best I think... everything looks so pretty (read: No Present Mess yet), the air is still full of anticipation, but it's relaxed because it's too late to get anything more done. Don't mistake me - I *love* Christmas Day, and still have trouble sleeping because I am excited for Christmas morning!

So I wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas, and hope you get at least a little bit spoiled! Thanks for making it through this too-long post, my friends!

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Dawn said...

Beautiful tree Meredith! I too have a hard time letting anyone else decorate my tree. So I do the ribbon, bows, sprigs of berries and poinsettias. Then I literally have to walk away and let them do the bulbs and ornaments. After it's all on I am much less OCD about placement :)

Wida said...

I lvoe this post so much, the light on your ornaments is just amazing!


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