Thursday, November 15, 2012

Happy Birthday...

How on earth is it the middle of November already? I find once Halloween is over, my days go by in such a flash. Do you find the same thing?

Today I am sharing a birthday card that I made, but also the fun way that I packaged it, since I was hand delivering it... Easy to have a little bit more fun when you're not constrained to an envelope!

Awhile back, my friend professed her love for this card when she saw it... so of course I made sure it found a new home with her! Anyway, so I decided that for her recent birthday, I'd give her something I knew she'd love.

And, since I didn't have to pop it in the mail, I decided to package it up with a glassine bag, and dress it up a little bit:

I used my Just The Ticket set to compliment the sentiment I used on the card, because I like when things coordinate like that... *wink*!

That's it from me today! Join me tomorrow for a pretty fun post and a Giveaway!

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Elena said...

so pretty! i love your dressed-up packaging. And yes! I can't believe it's already mid-november! Crazy!

Geri said...

Gorgeous again, Meredith! Love the 'almost black' and gray...very elegant! Love the packaging, too! I love seeing the colors come through the bag...such a dreamy look! People are really missing out when they get a card in a normal envelope;)


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