Friday, November 23, 2012

Festive Friday - For a Gracious Hostess...

Holy moly... only one week until our craft sale! We've been preparing all year, making all kinds of projects, getting our table decor and props ready, trying to come up with product that we think will sell... the moment of truth is quickly approaching! I am excited, and I am nervous, but mostly, I am really proud of everything we've put together. It took some time to come up with how we would display everything, and so far, it seems to be coming together... I just hope it looks as great when we set it all up for real!

One thing I thought might come in handy (and maybe I am wrong, we'll find out!) is tags for hostess gifts. This is the party season of the year, and everyone has a little something to take to a party hostess, don't they? Well, I sure hope so, anyway!

I made a collection of tags, a few of each colour, using the same basic supplies in different shades.

I chose some traditional colours, as well as my new favourite combo: red, white and aqua. *Loving* that this year.

For the green, I went pretty monochromatic, though I threw in some red on my washi tape (behind the lace) and my baker's twine... I needed to break it up somehow!

Again, the red is mostly just that, but with a pop of green here and there. My flowery washi wasn't holiday themed at all, but I kind of liked that about it!

And my favourite for last... truly, I am in *love* with these colours together. My Christmas tree has a white and red theme, and if I am so tempted to add a few pops of aqua to it!

So those are my tags for today... I have more projects to share over the coming days, so I hope you'll come back to see some more!

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Kim said...

These tags are just the colors and design and they look like a sure seller to me. I do a few craft fairs every year and you just never know what will work and what won't until you are there. Good luck and be sure to post pictures too.

Maureen said...

they look lovely! I hope you'll snap a bunch of photos at the sale to show how you've displayed it all! Happy weekend!

Geri said...

Really sweet, Meredith! Hope you'll get a shot of your table before the sale for us! Gettin' excited for ya!


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