Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ballerina Birthday Party...

Well, I wanted to share these photos with you weeks ago, but with everything life threw me - literally the day after the party - I didn't get to it.

So here we are... celebrating my big girl's 4th birthday. She is obsessed with ballet, and she loved helping me come up with ideas for this party. And it was a lot of fun to put together... but it was even more fun to see how much she loved and appreciated (truly!) everything that went into it.

A few things of note - I was trying to take these pictures quickly, as a lot of guests arrived early... I didn't want them to feel like they couldn't enjoy the treats! The problem: I didn't pay any attention to my camera settings... so a lot of these are not great photos at all... forgive me?

So you can see the main food table above... I used some oversized crepe paper to create a bit of a tutu effect on my table, and then I created the focal point above it:

Spray paint an Ikea frame, add some fun wrapping paper, and print a ballerina silhouette on velum. Ta da.

Because this was a pink-on-pink-with-a-side-of-pink party, I even wanted my food to be pink!

It meant there wasn't much in the way of savouries, but I don't think anyone noticed!

(My hubs felt we should throw in some chips for good measure - I guess he thought the guys would feel weird eating an entire plate of pink sweets?)

Pink Lemonade on one side...

And Peach Punch on the other...

Finally, the centerpiece of the table:

I made a tutu for the cake plate! Super easy, and because my plate has about an inch wide lip on it, it was easy to just slip it on (with a second pair of hands). Emma *loved* this detail, too... and the most fun part of the cake, which Emma picked out from my Pinterest boards:

Gotta love Pinterest... anyone can be a magic party planner!

Here are the gift bags for the kids at the party:

See? Fruit! Not everything was made of sugar... just mostly everything!

I know that one is quite overblown, but it also shows a third punch that I made, which you should definitely try... I bought some lemon-lime pop, poured it into the punch bowl, and added a few scoops of black cherry ice cream. I know, it sounds weird - but it's basically a big bowl of ice cream float! It's delicious too...

Again, overexposed. But you can see the adorable Crafty Secrets ballerina image on my tags. Kind of.

And the *worst* photo of the day.... the favours for all the grown ups at the party!

I took some mini ice cream containers (Skinny Cow - I've been eating them since March to get enough cups! What I am willing to do for my kids...), added a doily and label on top - which is actually stamped with that same ballerina, you just can't see it for the bad photography skills!

Isn't she a ham? You can tell by her hair that she had a good day... it started out meticulous, and included a tiara... then her little friends showed up, and off they went to the park............. which is why I always take portraits *before* the party!

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Elena said...

oh my goodness - AMAZING! love every little tutu and pink detail!! And that last photo is precious - she looks so happy!

Geri said...

Oh, Meredith...what a sweet photo of you and your little ballerina!! Everything looks so beautiful! I love the tutu around the cake...what an adorable idea!! And the cake itself looks YUMMY!! EVERYTHING looks both yummy AND beautiful!! What a treat for her!!

Heather Jensen said...

She has got one fabulous mommma to throw her such an amazing birthday part. I would have loved this when I was little. :)


Kristii said...

Wow!!!! Every girl's dream party!!! Everything looks absolutely perfect!! You are amazing!

Steph H said...

Oh my - Martha Stewart's gone Down Under! What a fun party - everything perfectly coordinated. Love all the pink!


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