Sunday, September 9, 2012

10 Minute Craft Dash...

Have you seen this challenge? It's a pretty new one, but as soon as I saw it, I was intrigued. Then I saw it again, and I knew I needed to play along.

The concept is to create a card in 10 minutes or less. You can pull all your supplies out ahead of time, and start the timer when you actually start crafting... easy enough, right?

10 Minutes goes by pretty fast, my friends.

I started with one card - which I'll show you at the bottom of the post - but had to give up on it for this challenge.

So I started over.

I've been playing with my Pink Persimmon stamps, so that is what I reached for. Oh, and Crate Paper. Because you can never go wrong with Crate Paper!

My time? 10 minutes and 30 seconds. That's right, I went over! But I could have stayed under the time limit if I had been able to give up on tying my button with twine.

The first time around, I sat down and started casually making my card using the challenge colours. Then, about halfway through I remembered that I was supposed to have been timing myself. Oops.

Sometimes, I am *so* out to lunch.

So, I finished card number one, completely giving up on the challenge:

This one is for a friend at the gym who is just about to go on her maternity leave with her first baby:

It doesn't qualify for the challenge, but at least I got something done for her... and actually, I *love* the colour scheme for a neutral card (she doesn't know what she's having). So it was, of course, a happy accident!

So there you have it... a new challenge to try out! It's really fun, and gets your heart rate up, which is an added bonus!

I hope your week is off to great start, and thanks so much for popping by!

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Geri said...

These both turned out so'd never know they could be anything close to 10 min. creations! I agree that it sounds like fun! I too, noticed it the first time around and the 2nd time???...well this time I have to play!! I'm not convinced I can do as well as what you have done here!!!
Have a good week, dear! Thinkin' about ya!

Paulina said...

Oh my, both of these cards are absolutely adorable! I hear you about the twine- sometimes that little string can be so finicky!

So thrilled you heard about our challenge and played along. I hope you'll join us again in the 10 Minute Craft Dash!

Leigh said...

What a fun challenge! I love both of your cards, but the second one is my favourite!

Ginny Larsen said...

i love both of these cards... super lovely--they're so cute :D thanks for playing along with our 10 Minute Craft Dash!


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