Sunday, August 12, 2012

Scrapbook Sunday - Love...

Happy Sunday! I hope your weekend is going well! Today we are off to a birthday party for one of Emma's little friends. My girl sure loves her parties, and she's so excited. Especially because her own birthday party is next weekend! You know me and parties, so you can count on some party-related posts in the next little while!

Sunday means it's time for a new layout to share with you!

I love this picture... such a beautiful moment that I actually had my camera handy for. It's actually a pretty old one too - probably almost 2 years ago!

This was at Grandma's house, after we had dinner there. Emma was all cozy in her jammies, and decided she needed a snuggle with her dad. She used to lay on him like this all the time, from when she was a newborn. She's much too busy these days to stay for long, but every once in awhile, you'll still catch her laying with him if she finds him on the floor!

I just have to point out that fun pink heart doily in the background - my wonderful friend Geri used that as part of the wrapping on a beautiful gift she sent me a couple of months ago. I knew I had to re-use it!

I have to say, Emma is more of a "Grandma's Girl" most days, but when she's having quiet time with her dad, she definitely likes to snuggle in close and in those moments, she is for sure her Dad's girl!

Crepe paper is my new favourite ingredient for layouts... I can't stop using it!

And a fun banner from patterned paper. Because sometimes you just gotta, right?

That's my layout for this week... I hope you liked it! I had fun with this one... lots of white space, but lots of colour too. I thought the patterns, the floral in particular, were a perfect match for my girl's pj's, and that was my jumping off point.

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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Ruth S said...

Love this layout Meredith - what a speical moment remembered ;)
Have fun at the party! Rx

Geri said...

Oh, this IS a sweet one!! Love the subtle, fresh colors against the white, and so glad you found a use for the doily!! Love the little banner and the spattering, too! Just love it all, I guess!!


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