Friday, August 31, 2012

Festive Friday - For My Favourite Little...

Happy Friday folks!

I don't think I have ever said folks before, have I? It reminds me of something my prairie-raised grandparents would have said.

Oh, and where the heck did August go?!

As I have mentioned only a lot of times, I am creating up a storm of holiday goodies for our upcoming craft sale... and a few weeks ago I spent a couple of days just powering through cards. I knew that I should probably appeal to the parents out there (being that I know I am easily sucked in to purchasing all kinds of things for my babies!), so I decided to make some cards for the younger crowd.

I created about 8 total, 4 each for boys and girls, swapping out the sentiment accordingly.

I went back to a design I have created a few times, tweaking it slightly each time I have returned to it... sometimes when something works, I just stick with it... why fix what isn't broken, right?

For the girls' card, I used all kinds of pinky shades, lacy trim and the adorable girl gingerbread stamp. It actually went together really quickly, even with stamping my own background.

For the boys' version, I swapped out the pinks for blues and a deeper red shade, and switched the lace for pom poms. I also tied my ribbon in a knot instead of a bow.

So there you have it... something for the people who really bring the magic of the season! Thanks for checking in on me... I am still managing to post in between all the craziness that is my life currently, and I am so glad you're here to visit me when I need ya!

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Cherry's Jubilee said...


Kate said...

These are adorable! The candied paper is such a perfect background for cute little gingerbreads!

Geri said...

Meredith!!! These are so, SO adorable!!! Can you hear me screaming it?!? And that sentiment is so sweet! LOVE!!!

Heather Jensen said...

These are too darn cute! Again, I love your background stamping. :)


Maureen said...

adorable, love that there is a girl and boy version :)

Charmaine Stack said...

Wonderful cards. And I was admiring the designer paper you used for backgrounds when I read YOU STAMPED THEM!!! Shut up!!! Amazing - you really are the stamped background queen.


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