Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Celebrate Today...

Hey friends!

I was browsing through some projects trying to decide what I wanted to post for you tonight... and while I was pondering, I read up on the goings on at the CASE Study Blog for the month of August for their second anniversary. *Way* too much fun to pass up!

This week, the challenge is to post a project showing our "signature style", which is so fun. I knew then which project was perfect to post!

You've seen all-white cards from me before... there is something so beautiful about the crisp, clean non-colour of an all-white project, especially when it's made up of different layers and textures. I never seem to tire of creating them!

So here are the things that I would say are signs of my "signature" on this card:

1) Mat Layer: Every card I create has a mat on the base. I very *very* rarely stamp directly on to my base.
2) Layers, layers, layers: I love layers!
3) Framing a Layer with Lace: I just can't call a card finished until there is lace on there somewhere. Hardly any of my projects don't include lace.
4) The Bow Details: Is there such thing as a bow without a button on top? Not for this girl! And nearly every bow also has a stick pin or 2 in it!

I had so much fun taking a minute to think about what makes my style my own - thank you so much to Chupa and all the CASE Study girls for giving me a reason to do it!

Bathroom update (because I am sure you're on the edge of your seat, wondering...*wink*): Everything has been removed, including the gross, 40 year old adhesive from under the equally grossly patterned linoleum. We're even ahead of schedule and have started some of the painting (trim and ceiling). And my painting for the wall is complete with the exception of painting the edges of the canvas. A completely new look for me, this one, but I think I love it.

Thanks so much for stopping in on me... I really appreciate that you take time out of your day to come see me!

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Iwona Palamountain (Chupa) said...

Eeeek! Love the "white on white" look!! I agree, there's nothing quite as stylish as an all-white card. With lace and a bow. LOL

Geri said...

This IS LOVELY, and, yes, very YOU (which is a very GOOD thing!)'re moving right along on your bathroom!! And your art for it done???? Can't believe it and can't wait to see it! Do share!!

Arlene said...

Absolutely gorgeous card! Love your work! :)

Carole said...

I love white on white too! This is so lovely and elegant.I like your style:)

Leigh said...

This is stunning, Meredith!

Suzanne Russell said...

So pretty, Meredith. I love the rich textures all in white. Very Elegant!

Suzanne Russell said...

I love all of the rich textures on pure white-so elegant, Meredith!

Teresa Kline said...


Maureen said...

totally yummy and gorgeous, Meredith! LOVE an all white card, just like an all white room...nothing but texture to indulge in :) Have you seen the Funkie Junkie store? They have beautiful lace trim...check them out...just google them or look under my shopping list on my blog's side panel. Thanks so much for playing with us during our CASE Study anniversary celebration! I may just CASE you and this card! LOL

Aimes said...

Stunning! There's something magical about pure white cards - so clean and crisp!
Thanks for sharing your signature style with us at CASE Study! :)


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