Friday, August 17, 2012

Ballerina Birthday Invitations...

Hey guys!

If you hang out here with any regularity (thank you!), then you know that today is my big girl's Ballerina Birthday Party! She is so excited, and it's so adorable, because;

"I am practicing for the show at my birthday party."
"Yes. All the adults are the audience."

Of course. She thinks it's a ballet performance! I am confident she'll forget that when the crowd shows up, and there are presents to open and cake to eat...

And finally, I am here to share the party invitations with you... I know I've been talking about them long enough; I finally managed to take photos of them!

Pinterest is a magic place, isn't it? I saw a few different ideas for ballet themed invites, and a couple of them actually incorporated little tutus... so I knew I'd do the the same. I used the PTI Shape Up: Onesie die, and created this:

Monogramed and everything! This was tricky to photograph - the little tutu is a lot more impressive in real life, if you ask me!

I used the You're Invited mini set (PTI) to relay the details on the back:

Yes, the invitees I gave them to thought they were awesome insane. But Emma thought they were *so* cool, and that's the most important part, right?

I'll have lots of party photos to share with you soon, and if you pop by tomorrow, I'll share more of those birthday portraits I peeked for you yesterday!

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Emma said...

Great use of the Onsie die Meredith, so cute!

Geri said...

So you're confident she will forget about the performance???....I don't know about that!! You'll have to tell us how that went...I'm hopin' you had the video camera ready! What an adorably sweet invitation!!

Terri said...

Great invitation! I look forward to seeing more party photos.

Kim said... sweet, soft and big girl like. Hope she had a wonderful party, performance and all!

Pauline said...

Beautiful! What little girl wouldn't want these as her party invites? Gorgeous!

Debjit said...

Truly awesome post .....

Birthday Invitations


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