Sunday, July 29, 2012

Scrapbook Sunday - Sun...

Hello lovelies!

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend, wherever you are! We're enjoying a semi-busy one... it's time for some more renovations around here, some we've been waiting on since we moved in 6 years ago, and finally it's time. So we're finalizing some of the details and planning to start work later in August. Hopefully! When we moved into our townhouse, it was nearly original to the way it was built almost 40 years ago... we've updated and renovated nearly the entire thing, doing all the work ourselves. Now it's time for the last bathroom and... the part I can't *wait* for... the kitchen! The bathroom doesn't scare me - we've done 2 others - but the kitchen will be our most ambitious project yet. I am excited!

But you're here for something paper-related, I am sure!

I have a layout to share with you, since it's Scrapbook Sunday! This one is a pretty bold one for me, but because the photo focuses on summer, I knew I needed to go out of my usual shabby box!

I made this layout while I was on a making-my-own flowers kick for a couple of days there... Sometimes I just like to sit and fiddle with my paper, you know?

I just used a couple of different circular dies, cut a spiral around the whole thing to the center, then rolled them. Easy peasy! Then I cut a couple of flags to tuck behind them.

And this one I just used some of my flower dies, cut a bunch of layers, crumpled them up and stuck them together. More flags, some buttons and a pearl. Easy, and so fun to make!

I recently picked up some of these teeny chevron bags for my layouts... since I love tucking journalling tags behind my photos, I knew these would come in handy.

This layout actually has a scary kind of story to go with it... and I debated journalling it, but then thought - I want to stay true to the memories, right?

We took the kids a couple of hours outside of where we live to Harrison (known for the Hot Springs), where there is a beautiful lake with a little beach. I was sitting with our stuff up from the water while my hubby was holding Josie - then barely over a year old - next to Emma in the water. In a split second, Emma lost her footing (she wasn't even three yet), and went under. I called out and leapt up as Paul put Josie down quickly so he could grab Emma. My baby girl promptly fell backwards herself, putting her under the water. I doubt she was there all of five seconds before I grabbed her out, but through the water I could see the terror in her eyes. Both of them were completely fine, if not a little a rattled. Can you believe not a *single* person on the beach even looked up to see if they were okay? Like I said, I was yelling and hollering, as I was running down the sand... baffling. Anyway, we still had a completely lovely afternoon, and the scare lasted all of 2 minutes. But I still wanted to record it, so that the page was an honest one!

If you lasted this long, I'm impressed! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and thank you so much for stopping in!

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Geri said...

I lasted!! (it wasn't that long...for another mommy, anyway) I think the scariest thing about those situations is the thought of how quickly they can happen, and what could have possibly happened if I hadn't been right there...I know you know. I love the layout and I love your little flowers...and the other little details...the paper patterns are so sweet!! It's a cutie!!

Leigh said...

Oh, I think that's great that you scrapbooked a "less than happy" moment, Meredith! Good for you for keeping it real. I'm glad everything was fine with your girls!
Your layout is fabulous! I love the bright coloured patterned paper rolled flowers and that other flower with all the layers-- I'm going to have to try adding more layers to mine--- honestly, I think I usually just keep it at three-- but yours look fabulous!


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