Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Happy Birthday...

Hello again! I love that I am managing to post so frequently lately. I miss blogging when I haven't been here for a little while!

Have you heard of the new(ish) company called Carta Bella? Beautiful... I bought a few things from the Beautiful Moments collection, because I just couldn't resist them.

I picked up a 6x6 pad - I am finding it harder and harder to resist these - and then the difficult decision was which pattern to use first. I couldn't decide. And it was even harder, because these pads are double sided!

Then I knew what to do... put as many of them on a card as I could possibly squeeze on there...

I think one of my favourite things about this collection is the hit of yellow with all those beautiful shades of rose. It just pops, and I love it.

On a non-paper note... I spent part of earlier this evening with some long lost friends - my paints! As I mentioned yesterday, we're doing a bathroom reno, and it will leave us with a blank wall. I thought it was a good opportunity to re-visit an old hobby - and I am trying a completely new style. It's so relaxing and somewhat cathartic to just get lost in your paints. Don't worry, I'll share when it's done! *wink*

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Geri said...

This is a different look for you, Meredith, but it turned out really pretty--love the papers and love how the sentiment fits all the way across!


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