Saturday, June 9, 2012

Thank You...

Hey guys! I hope you're having a wonderful weekend? It's late Saturday night for me, and my hubby spent the day traveling to Seattle with a friend to see a Mariners game. He should be home any time, but for now, while the kids are having a sleepover at Grandma's, I am enjoying the silence. You forget what quiet actually sounds like when you have two toddlers!

I had such a fun day with my girls... we went out for breakfast (just pancakes at McDonalds, but to them it's such a treat), then we stopped at Michael's to see what we could make for Father's Day. We bought some Sculpey - each girl got to pick her own colour - and then did impressions of their hands. We'll attach magnets, and he can put them in his locker at work. He works outside, so when his clothes are wet, photos run the risk of being ruined, so he always talks about how he wishes he could have more... I think this is a pretty good solution!

I have a card to share that I made forever ago and never posted!

You know I normally go for layer upon layer and super frilly and vintage, but I really do *love* simple and graphic cards. If I am ever looking at commercial stationary, this is always the style I am drawn to. I think it's so funny that what I love creating isn't at all what I love to buy.

I loved the muted tones on this one, and the silhouettes of the flowers worked perfectly for the 'mood'. I used Distress Inks to stamp this one, and I love the effect when you stamp off first, then stamp on your project.

That's it from me! Time to turn in and then enjoy a lazy morning in bed without any little ones deciding for me what time we have to get up!

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Deanna Jean said...

So the colors.

Geri said...

I think I've said before how fortunate you are that the girls have a happy little place for a sleepover or special play date now and then! No matter how much you love's so nice to get a break and know that they're still happy and with people they love! Lucky girl, you are!! Sounds like a wonderful day! Beautiful card!

Tracy said...

well i think you do simple and graphic quite nicely :-) it is a really lovely card - great image and sentiment perfectly placed. what else do you need?


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