Thursday, May 24, 2012

Festive Friday - Tags, Tags, and more Tags!

Happy Friday! This has been such an incredibly busy week around here, and after tomorrow, well... it's still going to be super busy! Next week will be filled with preparing for Josie's birthday, as well as putting Shirley's house back together, since the painters finished up their work last night.

So because it's Friday, I thought I'd put up a Festive Friday post for you! It's been awhile, hasn't it? Well, I am making up for it today... I have got photos *galore* today... sit back with a drink for this one!

So, if you visit here even kind of often, you know that I have a complete obsession love affair with Crate Paper. In my eyes, every collection is perfection. They have such an incredible and inspiring design team, and for me, the style of their products is so easy and lovely to design with. 

Before Christmas, I was *so* inspired by this post, which featured tags created by Stephanie Dagan. I knew right away I was going to downright copy her ideas, because each tag was just *stunning*.

I won't lie... I started out by copying a couple of Stephanie's tags nearly outright - sometimes, even when I am so excited to start something, it still eludes me when I sit down at my desk. I find it helps to copy another project - sometimes just the layout - to help me find my groove. Which is exactly what happened here. The tag you can see in focus above is almost identical to one of Stephanie's tags, but it got things flowing for me.

So here's the basics: I went to town with my Peppermint Collection papers, and my Big Shot, cutting all kinds of shapes and sizes for my tag bases.

Then I took pieces of the coordinating chipboard, sticker sheets and border stickers, and just piled on the layers until I found combinations I loved.

There's the one I copied from Stephanie... mine has the odd change to it,but essentially, it's a CASE job!

Again, this is one I 'borrowed' from Stephanie... a few elements changed and added, just to make it more my own - but I did take a lot of ideas, I won't lie.

I am going to say that it's just flattering to the original designer when we borrow ideas, right?

The stickers and chipboard basically did my work for me, so these actually went together fairly quickly. And it was kind of liberating too... I tend to hoard my favourite supplies, 'in case I want to use them later...' but this project forced me to use up a ton of my lovely goodies. I just finally thought about the fact that CP will be giving me more Christmas goodies to play with later this year, so if I use up what I have, I can always replace it with new stuff, right?

We plan to use these at our craft sale later this year... and since I loved the process so much, and still have some chipboard pieces left, I'll likely create more as well.

And after that parade of photos, we're done!

I won't keep you any longer, but thank you so much for popping in! I won't have the weekly posts next week (though stay tuned for Scrapbook Sunday this weekend), but I do have some things to share with you, so peek in again soon!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Geri said...

DELICIOUS colors and layers, Meredith! So, so cute!!

Leigh said...

Oh, wow, these are all fabulous, Meredith!

Pauline said...

Wow Meredith! What gorgeous tags! I love them all, they will make any parcel look divine!

Elaine said...

Very beautiful tags,


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