Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Easter...

Hey guys!

Okay, WOW.

I mean, I know that being a Royal demands a certain level of excitement and all.... but seriously? My inbox was full, my comments were full, there was a ton of love on the PTI forum for my newfound Princess status.

You guys ROCK. No really... I felt incredible all day by all the love that was coming my way!

I still don't think my hubby totally gets just how life-changing and important this is. Maybe when he sees me wearing my tiara (all.the.time, of course) he'll believe it.

I told Shirley today while I was taking photos of my card for this post that probably I am going to need to get a sign that says "Princess At Work".

And by the way - I am sure all the other ladies should be called Queens. I mean, I would totally take that for myself, but Emma did remind me today that while I am still a real-life stamping princess, I was also the evil queen in her make-believe today.

I kid you not, that's what she told me.

Don't worry, I haven't let my newfound fame go to my head...

And look, I have a card to share with you!

I needed to put an Easter card together quick, because I had only managed one before we left for Mexico, and since I have two daughters, I was one short.

Foolishly, I thought "Oh, the Waltzingmouse Sketch is a one-layer one... that should be easy!"

Right, because I have such an easy time *not* piling on the layers and trims.

So of course it took me awhile to put together (which means it took awhile for me to just accept that I couldn't pile stuff on).

So I did kind of cheat, but sketches are supposed to be a jumping off point, and we're allowed to take liberties, are we not? *wink*

If I didn't convince you in this post to buy Big Blooms: Poinsettias, maybe today pushed you? I tell you, this is *such* a versatile set!

I didn't do much of anything for Easter this year, since we were away last week... it's so strange to me that it's here! But I do hope you have a wonderful long weekend, however you spend it, and that the Bunny leaves you at least a little bit of chocolate!

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Joan B said...

beautiful job. didn't know you are royalty, but it is well deserved!!

Kelly S. said...

Beautiful, Meredith! And congrats on being a queen, so deserved. The soft stamping with the linen impression is so sweet. Love the rounded edge with the little border! Like a sweet spring tablecloth :)

Lynn Mercurio said...

This is so beautiful and such a great Easter card with your soft pastels and wonderful die cut edge. I love it!

Geri said...

So soft and pretty! Happy Easter to you, too, my friend!

Helen said...

Beautiful card - i love the colours & texture Meredith & congrats on your news too!

Karin (PeppermintPatty) said...

This is wonderful - love your perfect stamping - so Beautiful!
Thanks for playing with us at wmsc, hugs, Karin

Tyra said...


Super Jen said...

Love your texture and the popped up lace edge.


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