Friday, January 6, 2012

Celebrate Today...

Hi Friends!!

We have a pretty busy weekend planned, but I have been so busy in the craft room that I *need* to start taking photos. So hopefully I'll have time to do that, so I have lots to share with you! The challenges I set for myself have kept me really moving, which is exactly the point. I will share a couple of tips with you in next week's One Set Wednesday post, if you want to take on the challenge for yourself!

Shirley loves all things vintage, and is very attached to certain things from her childhood - Dick and Jane books being near the top (in fact, she still *has* them!). So when I stumbled upon the Little Red Wagon set from Pink Persimmon, I knew I had to give it to her for Christmas.

Her birthday is tomorrow - so I waited patiently for her to ink this one up after Christmas so I could then use it for her card. I didn't want to be rude and use it before her, of course! I also made sure to haul out the Crate Paper goodies for this one, since I only use those for projects I know will be savoured - and I know this one will. How perfect that there was a Roller Rink sticker to tuck behind my tag - Shirley used to *love* roller skating when people used to do such a thing! *wink*

Have I mentioned lately how much I *LOVE* Crate Paper?

I'll be back tomorrow with my first Scrapbook Sunday post... I am excited about this new series of posts, because I know I am going to catch up on my layouts!

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Joyce said...

What a sweet card. I am of the generation who learned to read with Dick and Jane, and this brings back memories.

Angela Fehr said...

I have that stamp set - it is one of my favourites! You made an adorable card with it too!


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