Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Season's Greetings

Hey guys!!

I can't believe it's Wednesday already... this week is flying past (don't tell my hubby I said so, because he feels the very opposite).

Did you have a good Halloween? We had *so* much fun. This is the first year that Emma really understood what was going on - especially after the first house we visited. It took Josie only a few houses, and even she tried in her own way to help knock on the door and gurgle out her version of "Trick or Treat"! I am a big sap, and it takes nothing for my kiddos to bring tears to my eyes with pride... I was beside myself watching them last night.

Here are my beauties...

Yes, that's Emma's blond hair. I thought I had met my match, and I thought it was going to beat me, but I won! This took a LOT of work, even more hairspray, and boy did I test this toddler's patience... but in the end, especially after I sprayed it black, I think we pulled it off!

You try and get Josie to look at the camera, I dare you. We're just lucky we found one that's in focus! They were both so excited to get going, they wouldn't stand still!

So remember awhile back I mentioned that my mum needed some easy to mail, pretty flat Christmas cards?

I figure that if I have to make simple cards, I might as well add the wow factor somehow - and colouring always does that for me. Plus, I just like to colour.

What a terrible photo - please forgive that!

I love the bright green instead of a more traditional Christmas green, and it sure made my reds pop.

Here is a close up of the coloured image:

And now I want to just take a second to say THANK YOU to all my wonderful blog friends... I just love coming here every day and seeing the comments you've left for me, letting me know you're here looking and supporting me. I gain so much inspiration from so many in blogland, and I just love this little online community. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of it!
Stamps: Flourishes Year of Flowers 3; Papertrey Ink Think Big Favourites #8

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Debgem said...

Love the photo of the girls - they look just lovely! Sounds like Halloween was lots of fun for you all. Very pretty Christmas card too!

Ruth S said...

Beautiful card Meredith - I love your colouring. But never mind the amaryllis, it's your girlies who have really stolen the show. Too cute!

Geri said...

Striking, Meredith!! Love the photo of your girls, too. Do you follow Debbie Olsen (or is it Olson?)? Oh, well, anyway...she has been doing some Easy to Make/Easy to Mail cards for a month or so. I have really been appreciating her ideas, too! I have a hard time keepin' it simple! (like I have to tell you that ;)

Pauline said...

Aaah, what a lovely pic of Snow White and your little Lady bug!

Gorgeous card Meredith, your colouring is spot on, and the CAS design is perfect for this detailed image, it's beautiful on it's own. Love it!


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