Sunday, November 20, 2011

Handmade Holiday Day 1 - Tags

Hello! Welcome to Day 1 of my collaboration with Angela Fehr - 7 days of handmade holiday goodies to hopefully inspire you for the upcoming season. We like to call it Handmade Holiday. Each day we will each bring you projects we've created using a common theme.

I don't even know how I met Angela, if you were wondering. I know that we got to 'talking' because we are both from British Columbia - and Canadians love to spot fellow Canadians and get to know each other. We hit it off, and even though we haven't met in real life, I feel like we're old friends. We both agree our husbands will think us crazy when it's time to get together, but at least they'll start out with that in common.

So today marks the first day of our little event, and the theme for the day is Tags.

Now is the part where I tell you I am struggling with camera card issues, and had to scramble to find some pictures to use! I had a beautiful tag created for today's post, and something that was a complete departure from my usual red and white theme... but I can't access those photos, so I had to improvise!

These tags are fairly simple, and straightfoward, and compliment my colour theme perfectly. You know how I like when things coordinate! *wink*

Sometimes using very little in the way of Christmas motif can have such a festive result - the only thing 'holiday' about this one is the sentiment!

This last one is incredibly simple - just a die and matching stamp set to create a one layer tag. Sometimes the wrapping commands a simple tag, you know?

That's it from me today. Join me again tomorrow for our second day of Handmade Holiday, and I promise it won't be red and white!

As for that other tag that you were supposed to see today... I should have things sorted out in a couple of days, and I will share that one then! Now make sure you head over to Angela's blog to see what she has waiting for you!

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Debgem said...

What pretty tags - great colours!

Angela Fehr said...

I love the red & white, Meredith! Despite your camera issues, you've come up with something fab for today!

Pauline said...

Just gorgeous meredith, you never fail to deliver! I love these festive tags, love the red on whiote combo, and the great label shapes. Stunning!

Romaine said...

Too true about Canadian crafters being thrilled to find other ones! I am also in BC and have been a fan of Angela's for quite a while! Love the red and white- red is a neutral to me. ;0p looking forward to seeing what else you and Angela have to share!


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