Friday, October 28, 2011

Festive Friday!

So, you know how I am when it comes to "cute".

I just don't do cute. It's not my thing. I've never done cute - at least, not since I was little (and even then, I don't remember loving cutesy). Lots of people go nuts for cutesy, and I totally appreciate why, but it isn't *me*.

But then I had babies. And they are the epitome of cute, am I wrong? So now I see some things that I would normally never give a second glance, and think of how the little ones would love them.

When Papertrey released Tremendous Treats: Christmas in October, I knew I was using it to make my girls' Christmas cards. It's just too cute.

Yep, that's what I said!

So I asked Josie to pick an image... I mean, she's not even 18 months old, so I just sort of pointed at 2 of them, and she landed on one with her adorable chubby finger. Then I asked Emma to pick one and she did the same. Emma picked the snowman, and Josie picked the Santa.

Now... I tried to shab these up a little, but they *are* for the kids, so I kept them simple and graphic.

I also went on a tag making spree - actually, more of a tag CASE-ing spree. Here are some:

Betsy Veldman made something really similar to these during the September Papertrey peeks... Mine are only a little bit different, but I just so loved what she created.

I *love* them. But I take no credit - they are a total rip-off of Betsy's project!

The next one was a quick one I put together with leftovers and extras... the magic is in the die cutting!

I am addicted to the Tag Sale dies... I have them all and can't stop...

Dimensionals add a *lot* to a tag, let me tell you!

Have a good weekend! We're gearing up for Halloween by carving our pumpkins at some point... also have to add some gory details to the spooky-ness out front, in order to scare some trick or treaters on Monday!

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Geri said...

Everything here looks so nice, Meredith! I loved those little images when I first saw them also, and you know I'm not real cutesy-tootsy either! Your coloring looks fantastic--you have really brought them to life! The tags look great also! I also loved your PTI Bloghop card! The little pumpkin was really sweet--loved the texture--and I loved the colors you used!! Hope you're having a great weekend!

Joan B said...

these are great!


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