Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Girls...

Before I get started, a couple of things;

1) Grab a drink and a comfy place to sit down. This post has a *lot* of photos!
2) I want to take a second and thank everyone who took a second to wish me a happy birthday, and to let me know that turning 30 wasn't so scary. I still don't like the idea that there isn't a 2 at the front of my age anymore, but I am working on it... I had an amazing birthday, and will share more about that in a couple of days when the dust settles!

Okay, got that drink? Truly, I don't think I have ever had so many photos to post!

Today I am sharing a mini album I designed, after seeing this challenge on the Crate Paper blog. The idea (one I love and adore and try so hard to practice myself) is that we take time to preserve the small memories - the every day moments - by scrapping them along with our big moment memories - birthdays, holidays, etc...

This month, the prompt given was home.

Well, I decided to create a mini-album with some photos I took of my girls about a year ago. I took the home theme, and went a little obscure with it... but these photos were taken in my oldest daughter's bedroom, a room in my home that is one of my favourites, and they were taken of the 2 most important people in my life... and I incorporated them into the theme as well, which you'll see later in this post.

I got out my hoarded beloved Emma's Shoppe papers and sticker sheets and went to town. I liberated myself to use them in 2 ways... one... well, this album is half for my own Emma - so what other choice did I have? - and two, I bought these goodies because I *loved* them, so wouldn't they be best utilized in a project that is all for me, and about my favourite subjects?

I had 4 main elements to keep cohesion in my album, then just switched them up and embellished them to create the hodge podge look I was going for.

I had navy blue textured cardstock to act as dividers and title pages. The cover of the book is the first example shown above.

Then I die cut the photos of the girls, and used the photos themselves as pages:

To dress the photos up, I added some stickers, like this one from one of my Girls' Paperie Sticker Markets.

I also had glassine bags, in which I slipped an index card filled with some journalling. The first one was accented with this cool stamp that is supposed to be a blood spatter:

...but instead I made it look like ink splotches or paint drips. I added ribbon tabs to each of these pages.

I also included some index cards that were pages unto themselves, and just had random embellishments that fit the look and theme I was trying to achieve:

I guess the whole award ribbon/personal wand idea that Making Memories had was less than a hit, because I found this plaque (supposed to be the center of a ribbon) for a major clearance... I knew it would work on a scrap project!

I did a section for each girl, and added their own title pages, followed by a picture:

Emma's Shoppe sticker on a picture of my own beautiful Emma...

Then a journalling card in the glassine bag for each girl. I had to think back to a year ago, and what I would say to 2 year old Emma... then I embellished them with their initials and more stickers:

Here is Josie's:

I tell you, it took a little prodding of myself to pull those stickers off their sheet, but it was worth it!

Another sticker on this one... goodness she's cute.

It was a trip to think back to when Josie was a tiny 3 month old...

Another kind of divider page, with another sticker and a chipboard piece that I thought was perfect, because it reminded me of a big sister holding her little sister's hand - something that melts my heart on a daily basis.

And there's the second way I used the home theme to pertain to my lovelies... here's a close up:

And even a heart shaped rhinestone!

Here's another navy page:

I love the tabs from the sticker sheets as well - they added a *lot* to this project. I loved the sentiment stamp, and left the "heart" uninked so I could replace it with my heart yo-yo...

And what better accent than a Melissa Frances keyhole?!

I also managed to mostly stick to my resolution to challenge myself to one stamp set a day with this one... with the exception of two stamps, this book was created using only the Sweethearts stamp set by Waltzingmouse! Proud of that one...

WHEW! Did you make it this far? Thanks so much for following along if you did! I hope you like my little book, and that it was worth the read!
Paper: Navy Cardstock from stash; Crate Paper Emma's Shoppe
Stamps: Waltzingmouse Stamps Sweethearts; ink spot/blood spatter Inkadinkadoo; E initial stamp from dollar bin at Michael's
Ink: Stampin' Up
Other: Girls' Paperie Sticker Markets

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Angela Fehr said...

This is pretty, Meredith! I know how much love goes into a mini album like that. And I love that spatter stamp!


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