Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week in the Life 2011 - THURSDAY

Back again with day 4 of my project. I notice I am taking fewer pictures as the days go by, but I think I am still capturing the important stuff every day!

Today we picked up Grandma and Uncle Bri at the airport, back from a week in London, so I think the kids felt some of their routine was falling back into place.

As I mentioned yesterday, we had a butterfly planned (and a cat for tomorrow!)... who's having more fun with the face paints, Emma or Mum? *wink*

I think she was worried that if she smiled she'd crack!

Then it was time for us to get ready. I thought I'd break out the self-timer and capture something I do everyday.

Usually there are little ones playing under my feet while I am doing my hair. I love it!

I also took a few shots of my dresser, since every morning I stop there to pick out my jewelry and perfume.

The cream coloured plaque on the left in that picture reads "Mum... to the world you might be one person but to one person you might just be the world." This is one of my favourite things, given to me by my favourite friend on the first birthday I had after Emma was born.

The photo on the right is a self portrait my hubby took when we were first together... and is still probably my favourite photo we've ever taken together.

This is the perfume I went with today - it's one I can only get in Scotland, and every time I put it on, it takes me right back to Edinburgh... my family is from there, and I just love it there.

Outfit photo!

I just sort of snuck this one in there... I painted this about 4 years ago when we were decorating the living room, and had no money for artwork. It's the biggest piece I've ever done, and I look at it every day - so I thought it sort of fit.

So, we had some time before we went to the airport, so we found Dad at one of the local parks and took some pictures of the kids on the tractor.

Here we are, waiting for him to get to where we were going to meet him!

We have a picture of Emma on the tractor, so now we have one of Jo!

Dad and his girls!

And Dad doing his job...

Back at Grandma's and there were a few souvenirs for everyone...

Emma and Grandma's favourite pastime... playing games with one another!

And for the first time in a week, she got to put on her Snow White dress (it lives at Grandma's these days)!

Visiting with the neighbour's cat once we got home...

...while the other one tries to escape!

(Too bad Uncle Bri came by *after* this photo to pick up the piece of luggage he left with us for the week!)


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Charmaine Stack said...

Meredith! Your living room painting is AMAZING! You should go big more often!


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