Monday, July 25, 2011

Week in the Life 2011 - MONDAY

Today was day one of Week in the Life... if you're not sure what that means, visit Ali Edwards for details!

This post will have TONS of photos, so I will keep the chit chat to a minimum, and share with you the stories from today. Do note that I haven't done anything to my photos - other than put a watermark on them! I will do some post-work when it is time to print them, but for now, I kept them pretty raw!

The following 2 photos show what I get to wake up to every morning - this landscape basically decided this house for me when we decided to buy it. I just *love* waking up, particularly on a sunny day, and seeing this view right outside my bedroom.

These next 2 show the way I get to say good morning to my 2 favourite people every morning... Emma comes to my bedroom and climbs into bed for a few minutes while we wait for Josie, and when we hear her, we go to her room to say good morning!

This morning we (read: Mum) made the beds... I won't lie, this doesn't happen every morning. But we didn't have to leave the house until after 11, so today we made time.

Breakfast! Toast with peanut butter and apple juice.

This morning Josie needed a nap almost as soon as she was up. Here is what Jo looks like when she's tired:

Ask me how many times a day I see this face?

But then she got her nap, which is how I got the picture below - waking her up because it was time to go out!

We headed to the park to have a picnic with our favourite friends!

This here is my favourite little boy in the whole world. He isn't mine, but I've adopted him as my nephew - since I don't have any of my own yet!

We shared our picnic site with some of the locals (Canada Geese), and Emma thought she'd chat them up for awhile.

My girls love the swings... and Aunty (okay, we're not technically related, but she still deserves that title!) pitches in to push so Mum can take pictures!

This is the part where mum dropped the ball and forgot to take pictures while we were buying produce at the market.

Making supper! Actually, I was preparing supper for tomorrow night - and again, should have been taking pictures of Hubby BBQ'ing tonight's dinner...

My wonderful family eating dinner!

Tonight's dinner was a bit late, so it was basically eat and straight to bed for the kiddos. Here is a very typical Josie face...

I sit with Jo every night and chat a bit and rock her, just to unwind. She had to say "bye bye" to the camera before she could really settle in...

And here are the sisters saying goodnight to one another.

And now we have Mum and Josie time...

Time to read Emma a story. Ask me how many times I have read every Disney Princess story there is.... *sigh*

Every night after our story, we do "chit chats, cuddles, hugs, kisses and snuggles". Here are the chit chats - where we talk about what the next day will bring.

This is where I share with you that I suffer from pretty extreme rosacea... so it is very brave and quite the step for me to post pictures for all of you to see me without any make up on!

Hugs for dad...

She's tucked in with her book, ready for sleep!

Today I basically focused on our routine - the kids and I. Getting up, breakfast, a playdate, dinner and bedtime. After today, I know I need to remember to take more photos of more stuff - when I remembered to get the camera out, I did well... but there were some parts of the day where I plum forgot about the camera!

Are you playing along too? How is your week so far?

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E said...

great start to witl, looking forward to seeing more :)

Gina said...

Meredith - these were fabulous! And I'm extremely jealous of all the windows in your home!!! How wonderful to have all that natural light flooding in. Loved going through your day with you. We have to "re-enact" yesterday as I forgot to take pictures. LOL

Angela Fehr said...

Great post, Meredith! It was fun to see you and your family and your lovely home! Love all the light coming in and your little Jo reminds me of my Sam at that age!


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