Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ladybug Birthday Portraits...

My precious baby will be turning one in just a week. I truly cannot tell you where the time has gone. I knew time passed quickly the first year of my oldest's life, but this time it has been in the blink of an eye.

I decided that I wanted to take some portraits of her... something I wished we had found a photographer to do with my oldest, but didn't really realize it until after her birthday. Well, lucky me, my hubby bought me a fancy new camera a few months ago, so I felt like maybe I could be that photographer with my little one this time. I make it up as I go along, and am certainly no professional... but I did have fun! Thankfully, my mother in law has a wonderfully white living room that provides a bright, neutral environment to help a novice out...

***Spoiler Alert*** 
This is where I ask that if you are going to be a guest at next week's party (you know who you are!), you STOP reading... These pictures were taken wearing the birthday party outfit I made for Jo, and I really want it to all be a surprise together next week!!

For all my blogger buddies... well, the good news is, you get a sneak peek of all the cuteness in store for her party guests!

Because Josie *is* my Ladybug, there was really no other choice for the theme, was there? And anyone who knows how I put a party together knows that I go all out in adding details everywhere I can sneak them in. So  I made a tutu and head wrap to give her a subtle ladybug look.

Here is a close-up of her head wrap:

How cute are those little tootsies?

And then I decided to play with some special effects:

And finally, a fun one to leave you with:


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Debgem said...

She looks absolutely adorable!! I think her dress and headdress look wonderful. I'm sure the party will be a big success. Your photos are great - so nice to look back on when they do get big :)) I know, I do it often :)))

Pauline said...

Awwww, how perfectly sweet and lovely!! An amazing outfit for the birthday girl! Have a wonderful party!!

Anonymous said...

So sweet! I love your photos - I can tell they'll be super-cute for some scrapping!
Little Jo looks the perfect birthday girl in her ladybug outift ;) Great job to you for making it so wonderfully!
Hoping to stop by again before the big day, but if not, hope you all enjoy the party. Hugs, Ruth S

Helen L said...

Oh my goodness Meridith!! The picture of those little feet took my breath away!! You should blow that up and frame it and look at it whenever you are mad at that little angel :-) ( and when she is a teenager, there will be times :-D I love your photos, and your little one is so precious!! And good for you in taking the time to enjoy your little precious girls while they are young: it does go to fast, so wh cares if the house isn't clean, kiss those chubby little cheeks a million times!! When they are gone, they are gone! Have a great weekend!! Hugs from Helene


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