Friday, May 6, 2011

Festive Friday.... postponed!

Hi friends!

I *had* prepared a card for today's installment of Festive Friday, but I was fighting something yesterday, and really couldn't muster the energy to prepare a post, fix my photos, etc... so I have decided I will schedule a Festive Friday next week while I am in Disneyland.

I feel a lot better today (thank goodness... I have to be on a plane in two days), so once I get done with all the packing and appointments I have lined up, I can sit down and do the post for next week...

Have a wonderful weekend (and week), and I will be sure to post some fun photos when we get back!


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

No worries Meredith - will look forward to seeing your Christmassy idea while you are holiday!!
Hope you are feeling better now, and that you have a great time ;)
Hugs, Ruth S


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