Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Throwback to Christmas Past...

Well, it's been awhile since I was here at the old blog... it's a bit dusty! My husband had this past week off, so we filled the days with family time, and lucky for me, some of that included not one but TWO trips to a new-to-me LSS. Over 5000 square feet of paper goodness. You can see why it took two trips! What a patient DH I have :)

Saying that, today's post is not paper-related! I haven't had much time to craft, so I only have half finished projects at the moment!

Last year, I was sitting in my mother-in-law's living room taking in all her tree ornaments - something I have done for the past 8 Christmas' I have celebrated with this family. I knew she had older ornaments, I knew her tree was a mish-mash of colours and styles - the complete opposite of my own. But only last year did I really start to appreciate the beauties that were hung on those branches. Don't get me wrong, there are still the odd popsicle stick reindeer and hockey team baubles that I'll pass on, but mixed in with these were some true collectables.

Whenever we are shopping, if Shirley sees something that reminds her of her youth, particularly at Christmastime, she goes nuts. She just loves everything vintage and old-looking. So I got this idea - wouldn't she love a true vintage tree filled with the ornaments from her childhood?

So I patiently waited all year until the trees were back in stock (because I wasn't clever enough to think of this when all the trees went on clearance last year!). Last week we did a cross-border shopping trip and took Shirley with us. Imagine the lies and deception that took place when I found this perfect tree when she was standing right beside me! She thinks I am going to put this in my entry way using some sort of snowflake theme.

I knew there was no way I could afford an authentic silver tinsel tree, since finding one in good condition is tough and costly (at least, I am told it is). So I was willing to settle for a white tree. But my husband spotted this one! What a guy...

So this morning, Shirley left for a 3 day trip away with a friend, and I hauled the hubby and kids over to her house to decorate my find.

One of many tiny glass bells that I am assuming are hand-painted.
A classic vintage ornament shape in a beautiful shade of pink.
She has lots of these adorable glass mushrooms, in various colours.
What vintage tree is complete without glass birds resting on some branches?
She has the perfect topper for this tree, which she purchased only a few weeks ago. We were shopping and she saw this great tinsel star that looks so old and perfect for this tree. She couldn't think of where she'd use it, but I knew I needed it, so I talked her into buying it. The problem is that it is hidden away with all our Christmas gifts, so I really can't go looking for it. I guess she'll get to finish the tree herself!

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Lynda G. said...

Beautiful, Meredith! :D

Carol's Ink Spot said...

Oh how beautiful! This will be loved for sure! Thanks for sharing and remember to tell us how Shirley reacted to this!

Mona L. Pendleton said...

Beautiful Meredith! My Mom used to have gorgeous delicate ornaments like those! Thanks for sharing :)


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