Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Very Special Post...

My adorable daughter has her own little work table in the craft room. I put her to work this morning creating a couple of Christmas cards of her own!
Before we get too far, let me explain her hair... last night after her bath, just for kicks, we put 4 french braids in it. When we took them out this morning, this was the hilarious, all-too-cute result!

Here she is showing off her art smock (an old t-shirt of Dad's)!

And here she is sitting at her little table, showing me how she is using her stamps so perfectly!

And now she is showing off her beautiful results!

And last, but definitely not least, here are the 2 cards that she made. I figure we will give these to her grandmother ("Gabga") and her favourite uncle ("Bai?!"), as I know they will both love and appreciate the effort!

I am just so glad that she seems to be showing an interest in all things crafty, since I have always looked forward to sharing this hobby of mine with both of my kids!

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Nicola said...

Such a little cutie and obviously has her mums talent for making cards. I am sure they will be loved by whoever recieves them. Hugs Nicola xx

Belinda said...

Ok, how adorable?? :)


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