Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Say Hello to my Little Friends...

If you follow my blog, you know that for some time I've been using my blender pen from Stampin' Up! to colour any digital images that I've used. And you know that I've been coveting Copic Markers, just waiting for my chance to play with them... Well, yesterday was my lucky day...

They might be an odd colour assortment, but tis' the Season for Red & Green and Snowy!

Aren't they pretty?

In Canada, these pens retail for at least $8 PER pen. Now, I can justify a lot of things to the the hubby, but this was certainly going to be a losing battle! On a trip across the border a few weeks ago, to my favorite paper haunt (Paper Zone) in Washington, I noticed a tiny little display box tucked away... they had finally added Copics to their pen collection! I sat for a minute and played, then poked around for a price. $6!! Right now our dollar is nearly par, so that is, in fact, a $2 savings! Again, the hubs wasn't getting what I was so excited about. But I got this week's newsletter that told me there was a sale going on... I really had no choice, as it worked out to less than $5 per pen! So as I was puttering, my mother in law asked if there were any she could purchase for me and stick into my stocking at Christmas. I replied, "I would take the whole display, who are we kidding?!"  So these are the few I am allowed to play with now, since they're the ones I paid for, and I have another handful coming my way... not to mention next month's trip across the border to go Christmas shopping... I am not excluded from the list, am I?

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