Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A ramble...

WELL... here is a perfect example of why, when I go to clean the kitchen, it takes me about 6 hours.

I decided I wanted to have a nicer header on my blog than what Blogger could give me. So I enlisted the help of my brother-in-law, who is as detailed-oriented as I am, and who spent about 2 hours creating a new banner, and trying to create a new background for my blog. I never could get the background to look how I liked, so I gave up on it, and used the banner he made me. Within a month, I was tired of it (as I said before, I will never be able to get a tattoo for this same reason!).

So I decided to take the task on myself, refresh my photoshop skills (haven't touched that program in about 10 years!), and download a free background a banner combo that I could customize. I liked it, was happy with how it all looked, but my sidebar was getting cluttered.

So I added a third column to my template. And *KABOOM* - it all went to pot. My banner was off center. My background was screwed right up, and parts of it were no longer visible. I was devastated.

So I stretched my banner to try and disguise the problems for awhile, and went back to 2 columns while I tried to figure myself out. I sent out an SOS to my brother, who did his best to answer my questions despite an 8 hour time difference, an entire country and an ocean between us. Yesterday, I sat down and really concentrated, and made Google my best friend... and finally, I am so happy with how everything is looking, and it all works!

First credit HAS to go to Three Column Blogger, a wonderful site that made it very simple and straightforward to add that third column properly. It only took a couple of minutes, and lots of concentration, but it worked.

Sencond, I must tell you that if you want to do anything fun to your blog, go to The Cutest Blog on the Block, and check out the "Secrets" section. SO helpful, and what a great resource for all kinds of little details to help you personalize your blog.

And last, I have to say thank you to Evan, my baby brother, who gave me enough little snippets to get my brain working on how to manipulate HTML to do what I want.

SO... while this blog has been a disaster for about 2 weeks now, I think finally I am happy and satisfied enough to leave it alone... for a couple of months anyway! ;)

I shall be back with some paper projects soon... this little reno has consumed a lot of my time the past few days, but now that it's done, I'll be back in the saddle! Thanks for your patience...!

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