Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gift Box Tutorial

My neighbour is a sales rep for Weleda, and needed to package together some of their baby goods for a charity auction, so she asked me to "make it pretty"!

I used to work for a store where we spent our days putting together gift ensembles, then wrapping them up in cellophane. So I decided to basically do the same thing for the bottles of baby goods, except I wanted to create a base for them to hold everything together. That's how I came up with this box base. So simple, and it turned out great. I even thought ahead and took pictures throughout the process to give you a tutorial! Some days I am just so with it (unfortunately, most I am not!).

6x6 Box Base
What you will need for this project:
1 piece of 12x12 paper, a good weight if you want it to hold anything with any weight to it. I also re-enforced my base with a piece of cardboard.
Spellbinders Nestabilities Labels 10 die cuts
Bone Folder
Paper grass for stuffing
Stamps, if you wish to embellish your box

*If not using a patterned 12x12 paper, you could stamp your own pattern before you get started.
Step 1
Score your 12x12 cardstock on all sides, 3 inches in from the edge. This should give you a center box of 6 inches by 6 inches.

Step 2
Cut one edge of the corner square on each side, and opposite ends of your paper. The picture below shows my cardboard base once I had set it in place.
Step 3
Apply scor-tape to your newly formed tabs on each end of the paper.
Step 4
Fold the sides of your box up, using the tabs to secure in place.

Step 5
Cut out 4 of the largest die cuts from your Labels 10 nesties. Any nesties will do, of course, these are the ones I had that would fit the size of my box perfectly.

*you'll notice I had stamped one of my die cuts and embossed it. Just remember when placing your folded die cuts in place that scor-tape is permanent almost as soon as you've applied pressure, and cannot be removed - ask me how I know!

Optional Step
Stamp your die cuts before folding them.
Step 6
Fold your die cuts in half so that they will wrap the edge of your box. Adhere with Scor-Tape.

Step 7
Fill your box with paper grass that is a colour complimentary to your papers. Add your goodies, and wrap with cellophane if you wish!
Here are some tips when working with cello to make sure that it looks perfect every time:

Cut way - and I mean WAY - more than you think you need. You want it to be nice and long so that when you gather it at the top of your package, you have lots of height to play with, and later cut to make look nice.

Start by holding the front and back together at the very top, in the center of your package. Gather from the right side (or the left, it doesn't matter) by pinching small pieces in your empty hand, and adding to the hand holding the center together. Now do the other side.

Hold the cello around the 'neck' that you have just created, and start pulling it tight at the top in very small increments. Take your time, and make sure you pull all those little creases and air bubbles out of there. It might take an extra minute or two (or 10 if you're picky like me!), but it will look that much more professional when you are done!

Tie the neck with some curling ribbon - you can hide this with an impressive bow - or in this case a tag - later. Do not do this step until you are happy with how you've pulled everything tight - it just doesn't work to keep pulling once you've tied it!
As your last step, take your scissors, and, pointing them towards the top, snip the cello in a 'v' shape - then just pull the cello - it will create the perfect peak for you!

Depending on the shape of your package, the cello will be open at the sides, and almost look like it has wings. Use cello tape - it's invisible once adhered - and pull the wings towards the back and down. This will now give you tabs that you can tuck underneath and tape into place. Keep doing this until all little fly-aways are taped down!

For my project, I used the colours from Weleda's baby line, and made my box from those. Then I printed the company's logo on some yellow cardstock, and cut it with a smaller Labels 10 nestie, and used my distress ink to create the same shading effect that is on the product's packaging. I tied it around the neck, and finished it with a button!

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Charmaine Stack said...

So pretty, Meredith! I like the way you used Labels 10 to - oh no - think outside the box! *groan* You could easily be in the gift basket biz!


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