Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bowlful of Cherries...

Okay, it was more a DAY full of cherries... Be warned, this is gonna be a long one!

It was my oldest daughter's birthday party this past weekend. To give you the Cole's notes, I love anything and everything Cherries for this girl. If it has cherries on it, she's gotta have it.
So 6 months ago while perusing Michael's, I found all this awesome party gear, covered in cherries. Did I really have a choice?

Now, anyone who knows me knows that when I throw a party, it's ALL out. Everything has to coordinate. So because I had everything chosen so early in the year, I even planted our back garden in colours to coordinate with the party! Hey, this is going to pay off in the scrapbook - you know you wish you thought of it! ;)

You will remember previous posts that showcased the invitations, as well as the cupcake toppers that I made forever ago. The invitations were cake slices that matched the colours, and the cupcake toppers featured my beloved cherries. Finally, I made a hat to match the theme.

I believe in giving thank you favours to our guests, since they are kind enough to spend their day celebrating our daughter's birthday, and are generous enough to bring a gift. This year, I made cookies that were shaped like cherries; these were such an easy sugar cookie recipe that I simply cut out, and then patiently iced once they had cooled.
Then I used the diaper pouch tutorial from SCS to hold the cookies. This was a great project - very easy and quick, but great looking when all put together. Just what I wanted, since I had to make over 20 of them!
This shot shows all the favours waiting to be picked up!

I also made those cupcakes. And you bet I am proud of them! I had never properly iced a cupcake before! I at least did a practice run of my cookies before I made them, but for my cupcakes, I merely watched a couple of videos on YouTube the night before the party, before hurrying to the kitchen to ice my own! I was so excited when I went to buy cake mix (I am not a baker!!), and found Cherry Chip!! Does it get any more perfect? And the inspiration for doing cupcakes were the paper cups that matched all my other party gear! I love when things coordinate!
Anyway, I used Wilton's colour paste, which is how I got such vibrant colours - I probably don't have to tell you how hard it is to get a good red when colouring icing! Then I stuck the little guys in my cupcake stand and finished them off with their toppers. These were a huge hit, and everyone loved how they looked on the stand. Plus, the icing turned your teeth different colours, and that's just fun, isn't it? ;)

We also hung streamers and balloons, as well as some blue and white chinese lanterns (a STEAL at the dollar store - 2 for $1.25!!) in the trees in the backyard, but I left hubby in charge of photos, and didn't think to snap those ones for myself.

And finally, what you're really here for: the paper goods. This is the Birthday Girl's card, an easel card that I made to match the theme.

Her gifts were wrapped to match as well! I told you I go all out... anyway, this card was made using the tutorial from SCS, using colours to match everything else I had made. I then used one of the border stamps from Waltzingmouse's Very Vintage Christmas to create the blue plaid, which was drawn from the paper plates and napkins, etc. I then created my cherries to match the cupcake toppers, with some rhinestones and part of a leaf border stamp that I have in my stash.

We lucked out - it was supposed to rain on Saturday, and we had great weather... not too hot, but nice and warm, and lots of sunshine! Our girl got lots of great gifts, and she had such a great time with everyone; you could tell she genuinely loved having this party all for her (she's nothing like her mother, I swear...! *wink*)

Lastly, a beautiful shot of the birthday girl herself, loving as everyone is singing Happy Birthday just to her. Unfortunately, her little sister spent the whole day napping, so while she had a dress that also had cherries on it, we never did get a photo (terrible parenting, for which I hope to make up by dressing her up again and taking photos to fake it!)

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Monique said...

Wow!! How cool is all this stuff!! How creative you did a great job :)

alicia said...

What a kid - she's absolutely adorable i love her to bits
Can't wait to meet the little Josie though when we finally get flights booked.

well done on the blog its a joy to read


Kara said...

what a beautiful day you created for your daughter and guests..just beautiful!!


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