Thursday, July 1, 2010

Remembering the First Year...

For today's post, I am digging out a project from last year. I saw this idea at my favorite scrapbooking store, and decided to make one for my daughter. This fun box containing the accordian folded 'book' was super affordable, and makes the perfect momento to capture Emma's first year.

The photo below shows how the 'book' portion slides out of the box. On this first page I wrote a little note to Emma, just to tell her how important and special she is, and how grateful we are to have her in our lives.

First, I painted the outside of the box a nice rich chocolate brown. I only painted the edges, since I knew I would be covering most of the box in paper. I also painted the spines of the book, and anything else that would be visible from the outside. Next, I layered my patterned paper and cardstock to matte the box, adding a wooden E that I painted in the same colour as the box. I added ribbons to the E that picked up colours from my patterend paper, and created the little tab with her name on it, embossed in pink.

Each page has a favourite picture from each month. They are all the same size, with the exception of the first photo, which is different because the title of that page is different. I stamped "Welcome to the World, Little One" and added a rattle which I coloured by hand. All the other pages have the month as it's title, which I stamped with a MS glue pad, and glittered in pink.

There were enough pages to do every month, and then for her birthday I added a different header, as opposed to just a 12 month title. I was silly, and didn't photograph it, but I used a scallop circle to decorate the Happy Birthday caption.

I also made one of these books for a friend's baby that was born only a few weeks before Emma. I also have one waiting to be created for my new daughter who is 4 weeks old today! I really enjoyed this project, and love how it turned out. I think it's a great keepsake for each child to keep with them, hopefully for the rest of their lives. The first year goes by in such a flash, this is an easy way to document it, and it also really shows the change and development from month to month.


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Charmaine Stack said...

What a lovely keepsake. Do be sure to make one for daughter No. 2 so she'll know she's just as cherished as Emma. This becomes important when they hit their teens! LOL!


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