Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Canada!

July 1st is our beloved homeland's birthday, and in our house, being that we're very proud Canucks, we usually try to do a little something to celebrate. This year, we had a Bar-B-Q for a few friends, the invitations for which I shared here. Unfortunately, it was cold and slightly damp (gotta love that Vancouver weather!), so it turned into an inside gig.

The pic above is the sign hanging on the mailbox at the front door, and the one below shows the maple leaf garland I hung around the door.

This will be my first post with no paper goodies to show off!

So of course, our country's flag is red and white, so there's the colour theme for the party. I used a white linen napkin to offset the maple leaf confetti and maple leaf centerpiece, both of which I paid less than $2 for.

Have you SEEN these cookies I made? Super easy sugar cookie recipe, then I iced them all with an outline, and filled some in with red icing. This was a practice run for the cookies I am going to be making as thank-you favours for my oldest daughter's birthday next month.

I bought napkins that have our national slogan "Eh" (okay, it's unofficial, but it is oh-so-Canadian!) on them, and layered my red plates with those. You can also see that I found red tortilla chips, which, in their white bowl, are incredibly patriotic.

And my gorgeous girls.... Emma is sporting her Olympic t-shirt, complete with cheek tattoo and arm band, showing love for her home and native land! Josie, being so tiny, had no official gear, so she is wearing our national colours as a tribute!

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